A Contemporary House Located in Long Island, New York

This is the Bay House. It’s a cedar-clad residence with a beautiful and contemporary design. It’s located in Long Island, New York, USA and it has been designed by Leroy Street Studio or LSS. The house has been completed in 2009 and it sits on a 5,570 square feet site.

The design of the house is both simple and dynamic. The site offers expansive views of the bay so the architects tried to take advantage of that as much as possible. The location and the views are also what made them name this residence the Bay House. The project actually started with the restoration of the site’s existing wetlands- bringing grasses and native plants through the site from the water to the street. Only after that the actual construction began.

Because of new, stricter regulations, the house needed to have a high flood elevation and an elevated septic system. The house is split into two volumes. The main living space is opened to the deck. This serves as a large shared public space. In order to solve the problem of the storage, built-in furniture has been used throughout the house. There is a desk and a wine=storage wall built into the perimeter walls. The residence has small windows that provide intimacy and privacy. At the client’s request the dining room was located closest to the water and oriented toward the sunset.{images by Scott Frances and found on archdaily}.

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