A Contemporary House Inspired By The White City of Tel Aviv

The White City of Tel Aviv refers to the buildings (over 4000) constructed between the the 1930s and 1950s. They were built by German Jewish architects who immigrated there after the rise of the Nazis. The U house is an homage to that movement and its design reflects that. The simple, white facade, the ribbon windows and the overall clean and crisp look are all characteristics of the house that Ronnie Alroy Architects completed in 2016.

The simple, white facade of the house is a response to the White CityThe architecture of the house follows the guidelines of the modernist movementThe facades are simple, with crisp and clean lines and visible windows

The U House is a single family home with a surface of 350 square meters. It has ribbon windows and a very simplistic architecture, with a design that interacts with the surroundings by contrasting with them. Also, the interaction between the indoor and outdoor of the house is very flexible even though the designs are very different in each case.

The white cube-like structure is complemented by an exposed concrete baseThe windows are a defining characteristic of the house’s overall architecture and styleIn contrast to the white exterior, the interior of the house is less minimalist

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The ground floor houses the public spaces. The living area faces the back yard, being open towards the view. The entire wall that separates this space from the outdoors can disappear on the sides, exposing the entire floor to the freshness of the outdoors.

The public area can be completely opened to the back yard via sliding doors
The staircase is an important structural element, gaining new additional functions on each levelOn the ground floor, the staircase doubles as a divider between the living room and the kitchen

A wood and metal staircase sits at the center of the house. Its role is to connect the floors and to ensure a smooth and comfortable transition between them but in this case it’s actually much more than that. In addition to being a standard staircase, this structure also doubles as something else on each floor.

The house has a basement level where the staircase doubles as a deskThe basement is a sort of home office, workspace, featuring a simple, welcoming and warm decorA skylight situated above the staircase brings natural light into the lower levels

The basement serves as a sort of workspace/ home office with its own cozy living space, wooden floors and simple furniture. The staircase in here doubles as a support element for a desk. On the ground floor, its role is that of a divider between the dining area and the kitchen. A skylight positioned above the staircase brings natural light into the core of the house.

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The kitchen features a wide window that brings natural light and fresh colors inThe architects combined a variety of raw materials, playing with the contrasts they createConcrete and wood are the two main materials and they’re used here in a pleasant way



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