A contemporary holiday home sunken in the natural light from Peru

A holiday house should be, by definition, bright and sunny. It should transmit you that feeling of freedom and liberty. Also, it should be relaxing and calming. So, what better color than white for all those purposes? This holiday home surely understands all those concepts.It’s a home located in the Asia district of Lima, Peru. It has a minimalist, contemporary design and it was a project by Peruvian design studio RRMR Arquitectos.

Completed in 2011, this charming holiday residence sits on a stretch of land with a privileged location. It has frontal view to a gold course and lateral view to the sea. Anywhere you look, you only see images that invite you to relax and enjoy your vacation.

The property features a large and beautiful terrace with a longitudinal swimming pool. This represents the main living area. Both levels of the house are sunken in natural light. The building has green areas on both sides of the plot and this provides plenty of light. The interior of the house has white walls throughout, exposed concrete walls and grey veneered floors. The overall design is extremely simple, clear and serene. All five bedrooms, the living room, dining area, terrace, family room, kitchen and service areas were designed to feel relaxing and calming. It’s the key to a great and refreshing vacation.

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