A contemporary country house in NY by Grzywinski + Pons

Located in Millerton, NY, USA, this house was designed as a country home with the potential of becoming a primary residence for its owners. The client, however, didn’t want this to be a typical cottage but rather something that would complement their apartment in the city. They wanted it to be modern but to also have something from the original country home style.

The house was designed by Grzywinski + Pons and was completed in 2012. The client’s requests was to design a detached cottage or guest house for their elderly parents to spend time in during their extended visits but that they could also rent. Another request was to create a space that would feel very airy and open to the surroundings but that could also be secured and closed when needed. The client also wanted the architects to design the master bedroom suite with access to the outdoors.

When designing the house, the location and orientation were very important. The architects also focused on creating a sustainable, energy-efficient home. They built it with ICFs, strategically glazed it with low-e assemblies and clad it in high albedo mill finish aluminum. The house is extremely well insulated, so well that an EVR unit for fresh air exchange was needed. Low flow fixtures were installed, including dual flush toilets, LED lighting, high efficiency appliances and sustainably grown lumber.

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