A compact black residence by Archiplan Studio

This strange structure is a private residence that’s located in Sarginesco, Italy. It has a contemporary design and it was a project developed by Italian architectural firm Archiplan Studio. The residence was completed in 2007 and features a very interesting design. The façade is particularly striking. It has no openings other than the entrance and it has a black finish.

Seen from the outside, the residence looks very mysterious. It’s quite unusual to opt for a black exterior. However, this residence only has a black façade while the rest of the structure features huge glass windows and this creates a nice balance, allowing the light to get through and to brighten up the whole interiors. The property also has a small courtyard that provides plenty of natural light for the living space.

The residence was designed around a small inner courtyard. It’s a four-meter high structure and it seems to be completely separated from the outside world. The compact black façade allows it to clearly delimitate these spaces, to create a barrier between the controlled artificial environment found on the inside and the worlds from outside these walls. The interior of the residence is very bright and airy. The walls are white throughout the house, the furniture is modern and simple and features the classical black and white color combination and the details and decorations are kept to a minimum.

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