A Cliffside Beach House In Peru With Its Own Cable Car

The most beautiful sites with the best views are often also the most inaccessible and challenging. However, if one can find a way to tame the site, the reward is magnificent. Take this stunning house for example. It’s a beautiful beach retreat found in Ancón, Peru. It sits at the bottom of a cliff, with the beautiful Pacific Ocean unfolding right in front of it. Building here wasn’t easy and it was up to studio Giovanni Schettini Arquitectos to come up with a plan that makes the most of this site.

The architects created a unique design, one that structures the house on six levels and that involves multiple access points and types of connections between the spaces. Internally, the different areas are linked via sets of stairs as well as by an elevator. On the outside there’s also something quite unique, a cable car that connects the main living area to the pier. It’s definitely a very cool concept and an interesting way of creating a feeling of immersion into the landscape.

The first floor of the house which can be accessed from street level features a big and open patio with a pergola roof, planters and a view of the ocean. It’s bright and sunny and has a very airy feeling throughout. Going down from here, the second floor includes a library and a game room.

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It’s a space to relax and unwind in, a space for people to be by themselves in but also to enjoy each other’s company and have fun. Then there’s also the social areas which have their own separate floor. A combined kitchen and dining area shares this volume with the living room and they all have access to a big terrace and a swimming pool with jacuzzi. This is also where one can use the cable car from the main terrace to get down to the pier.

The area below this one is for all the guests and there’s also a separate private area just for the owners, with a cozy family room and additional functions. This distribution of the rooms was dictated mainly by the unusual conditions on the site and its unique topography. Nevertheless, it feels natural and the house as a whole is cohesive and harmonious. It takes a breezy Mediterranean sort of vibe and although it’s very open and places great emphasis on the views it also feels like a very welcoming and warm space. 



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