A classical residence from the 50’s transformed into a contemporary home

This beautiful and contemporary residence is located in Pedregal, Mexico City and it used to be a classical property that dates from the 50’s. It all changed when, in 2011, the house was completely renovated and remodeled. It became this modern home with contemporary features. The whole project was developed by SPACE architects.The project area was 800 square meters and the architects had to completely repair and renovate the property.

Originally, the house was in very poor, due to its age. Even though the owners wanted to change the aspect of the house, they asked the architects to try to respect the original design as much as possible. Of course, they also wanted it to be updated. This included the reorganization of the interior space and the enlargement of the interior areas. The architects also took advantage of the outdoor space.

The whole house was reorganized. It now follows the north-south axis and features a ramp that leads to the mezzanine level. There you can find a terrace/vestibule overlooking the pool. The house’s main entrance features a large wooden doorway that leads to a large open floor plan that includes the living room and the dining area. In the center of the house there’s a corridor that goes from one end to the other. Along the corridor are three bedrooms, a study, the living area and the kitchen. There’s also a staircase that leads to the upper floor and to the pool area.

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