A Childhood Touch of Tereasa & David’s Grown-up Tree House

There is a moment when every kid loves to have a tree house. Here he can hide all his secrets and feel comfortable in case he would like to escape the noisy surroundings from time to time. A tree house may represent a great refuge place where you can keep all your treasured things, a wonderful playground where you can invite your friends too and a oasis where you can relax and maybe read your favorite book of adventures.

Definitely you remember all these things and although you are an adult now you may check out this lovely Grown –up Tree House which belongs to Tereasa and David. The tree house is located in Camp Wandawega, Elkhorn, Wisconsin and it was built in 2011.It represents the work of a whole team of friends who contributed to its building and was named “Tom’s Tree House”, as homage to Tereasa’s father.

This adult sized tree house has three levels, a deck, a main living area, and an upper level with two sleeping lofts. The main materials used for this construction and its interior are most of them recycled materials. An attraction point is represented by the antler chandelier made from sheds.

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The examples can go on with the Mason jar lamps, the vintage wall sconce, the rattan couch, the antique books, the coffee table or the retro ottomans. The result is an amazing tree house which will always inspire you warm, comfort and a spirit of adventure. Here you will remember all those childhood moments and spend some incredible moments beside your friends while you can share all those lovely memories.{found on apartmenttherapy}



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