A Charming Log House In The Wilderness Of Lapland

Lapland is a charming and mysterious place. Here, in Finland, more exactly in a region called Rovanniemi, you can find a very interesting house. It’s called Villa Valtanen and it won the respected prize “A Log House of the Year”. The house was designed by Arkkitehtitoimisto Louekari. It occupies an area of 55.5 square meters and it was built in 2012.

The villa impresses not with its actual design but with the beauty of the contrasts between old and new. Houses made of wood are no longer just cabins or small retreats. Thanks to the modern technology and new treatment methods that have been discovered, they can become actual residences and large-scale projects. Lapland is not the palce where you would expect a wooden house to be cozy and warm. However, it is the case here.

Situated close to the Arctic Circle, this house was built using old timber structures and modern architecture methods. The combination is very interesting. But it’s not just this detail that impresses. Located on top of a rocky structure, the house features beautiful and panoramic views over the distant landscape and the surrounding forest. The surrounding landscape contrasts with the villa. The old tree trunks and the glacial boulders are definitely unique and create a very interesting background.

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As for the design of this villa, it’s simple yet eye-catching. The interior is functionally structured. It includes a large living room and a sauna with a log frame with a bold design. In between these spaces there is also a loft area. It has large windows with views of the outdoors. The log frame is an interesting structure but it’s not a supportive element. The house features a series of beams with rafters and the side walls are covered in wooden planks.The exterior of the house with its dark finishes allows it to seamlessly integrate into the surroundings. Other elements stand out and give character to the whole design.



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