A Calm And Modern Retreat With Echoes Of The Past

Hidden in the center of the old city of Silves, in Portugal, lies Casa Xonar, a contemporary residence that was designed by Studio Arte architecture & design in collaboration with Lusco Fusco Concepts. In a way, it reflects the history of its surroundings while also featuring a unique look. The residence has an all-white exterior which hides a very colorful interior.

One of the main requests and concepts that were taken into consideration when designing this place was privacy. As you can see, there are no huge windows or glass walls that let the interior areas communicate with the exterior.

The owners wanted to leave this mystery and to focus on having a private lifestyle. The interior reflects the same concept. The interior design chosen for this project is a combination of modern and vintage.Modern artwork was used throughout the house in order to emphasize the contrast of styles as well as to add a little color to the rooms.

The boudoir-bedroom has a very romantic interior with Arabic influences and a simple and chic look. It has access to two terraces. There’s also a second floor terrace with luxurious sun loungers and an outdoor kitchen. The views from here are also amazing. The terrace is overlooking the town and the countryside and the sunsets are splendid from here.

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