A cabin in the woods – a cozy retreat any time of the year

Every once in a while we feel the need to unwind, to get away for a while and to just relax without thinking of any of our problems. In such moments there are several options to choose from. One of them would be a nice and cozy cabin in the middle of nature. Whether it’s summer, spring or winter, a cabin is always inviting and charming. These five ones are definitely very beautiful as well.

Alpine cabin.

This is the Alpine Cabin and it can be found in Port Hardy, Canada. It covers an area of 100 square meters and it was designed and built in 2013. The project was developed by Scott & Scott Architects. It’s a snowboard cabin, great for getaways during winter. It’s the perfect place to go if what you seek is adventure.

The cabin was built using douglas fir columns and rough sawn fir lumber with planed fir interior finish. There were several concerns that had to be taken into consideration when building the cabin. First of all, the architects wanted to avoid machine excavation. Also the cabin needed to withstand the annual snowfall. It had to be elevated above the height of the accumulated snow.

The materials used for this project have rough finishes and this gives them a natural look. The exterior of the cabin is clad in cedar with a finish that has been weathered in order to match that of the surrounding trees in the forest and to blend in. Here in this cabin the guests can enjoy a quiet and relaxing time. Since there’s no electricity, it should definitely be an interesting experience.

Tiny cabin.

This is the W35 cabin, short for Woody 35. It can be found in Drøbak, Oslo Fjord, Norway and it has a more modern design. The cabin was designed and built by Marianne Borge on an area measuring 35 square meters. The design is simple and it’s also sustainable. The interior is simple and spacious and the whole design is smart and space-efficient.

Inside you can find several rooms, each with a strong connection with the outdoors. The sliding glass doors allow not just unobstructed views of the surroundings and of the landscape but also a nice and smooth transition between the interior and exterior areas. In addition, the doors let in lots of natural light which is crucial given the location. The cabin was built entirely of maintenance-free wood.

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The living room is a double height space. it’s a large room with large windows, wooden floors, wooden furniture and even a modern fireplace on a partial wall that separates the spaces. The roof of the cabin has a very interesting shape, very unusual as well. This gives it an even more modern and interesting look. This cabin is not just beautiful but also sustainable and surrounded by wonderful landscape.

Black cabin.

Another very charming and beautiful cabin can be found in Nordmarka, Norway. It was built in 2004 for a private client and it was a project developed by Jarmund/Vigsnæs AS Architects MNAL. It sits in a beautiful clearing in the forest and has a simple and modern design. The structure has been lifted from the ground and this protects it from the snow and water.

Even though it’s mainly used during wintertime, the cabin is charming throughout the entire year and makes a wonderful getaway for anyone who wants to relax in the middle of nature. The interior of the cabin is simple. There is a two-story space in the center and it’s filled with light that comes from the sides and from above. This is a gathering space.

The internal space is divided into common spaces and private spaces which are smaller. The first floor has a dining area, a master bedroom, a seating area, a kitchen and a storage room. It also includes the children’s bedrooms and a bathroom. The second floor houses more bedrooms, a playroom and a storage space. The cabin is made of timber and it’s insulated. The furniture is made of plywood and it was designed by the architect for this project.

Cabin on Flathead lake.

This cabin also has a very beautiful design. It’s located in Polson, Montana, USA and it was designed and built by Andersson Wise Architects. The cabin, which sits close to a granite cliff that is called by the locals “The Matterhorn”, has a very nice location. It has views over Montana’s Flathead Lake and it’s surrounded by beautiful vegetation.

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It’s a great place from where to admire nature. The cabin offers views of the lake, the pine forest and the wonderful eagles that nest nearby. The cliff is definitely a wonderful attraction as well. The cabin has a very interesting design. It sits on six steel piers that are anchored to concrete blocks. This allows it to stand out and to offer the views that make the location so special.

Inside, the design is simple and charming. The living room is separated by screened walls from the rest of the rooms and has an open floor plan. The wood slat floors extend outside and create a seamless and smooth transition between these areas. The cabin also has a small kitchen, a bathroom and a shower. It has no heating or cooling systems and the running water comes from the lake below.

Sunset cabin.

This is the Sunset Cabin and it’s an option for those that prefer something more modern. It was built in 2004 on a 275 square foot area. The cabin was designed by Taylor Smyth Architects and it can be found in Ontario, Canada. The location is very beautiful. Here, the cabin sits into a slope and offers wonderful views of the lake and surrounding forest.

The Sunset Cottage was built for a private client who wanted it to be a cozy retreat that can be visited whenever a break from the main cottage is needed. The client used to come here to watch the sunset and it’s why he gave the cabin this name. The structure has a simple design and it’s fully insulated. It’s encased by cedar slats on three sides.

The cabin also has a green roof planted with herbs and that was chosen in order to camouflage the cabin from the main cottage. The style chosen for the interior is minimalist. The architects included built-in furniture and wall storage systems means to maintain an airy and spacious décor. Another interesting detail about the interior is that everything including the floor and ceiling is fabricated in birch veneer plywood.



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