A Breathtaking House in Samosaguas by A-cero

The most frequent things that leave us speechless are usually landscapes, no matter it is about the mountains or the seaside.  Nothing makes us appreciate beauty more than a great view. Nowadays, when people progress in all fields, it is not so difficult to create a beautiful environment if you have the means.

As soon as you see the mixture of cubic forms and curves perfectly matching with the natural context and keeping a modern look, you realize this house in Samosaguas is a great example of spectacular architecture and sculpture. Everybody wishes to live in a house with maximum comfort, but not everybody affords it.

The basement floor is for health and leisure; the pool, the massage room, the gym being only a few ways of spending time in a pleasant way. The ground floor has the rooms every house has, but providing a great deal of space; the second floor has an impressive painting studio with excellent natural light and ideal views over the surroundings.

The interior is harmoniously connected with the garden; the use of good materials give a certain continuity, while the horizontal lines try to produce sculptural volumes and these volumes in layers seem to emerge from the ground, being inspired by the existing sculptures. The landscape has an obvious Japanese inspiration if we look at the flowering trees and bonsais; the ornamental rocks, the pool with its sculpture made of steel in the centre ensure continuity with the lake. If perfection exists, it is definitely here!

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