A blend of rustic and modern in the form of a sophisticated home near Hyde Park

As you approach this beautiful residence in Leinster News, Bayswater, the exterior seems to suggest an old and rustic design. However, once you step inside, a modern décor unfolds before your eyes. The two styles, the old and the new come together beautifully. The living room is where you can best observe this mixture. The brick accent wall makes this large space feel warm and welcoming.

The living room is very spacious and opens onto a beautiful patio with an addition outdoor living space. Inside, the family room includes a very stylish spiral staircase which offers access to the upper rooms. The way different styles blend with one another seamlessly is very inspiring. The rest of the spaces continue on the same line. The décor is simple and elegant and all the little details and accent features are carefully and wonderfully selected to complement the space.

The dining area and the kitchen share the same open space. The large skylight above the dining table is one of the most eye-catching elements. It replaces the usual chandelier but has a much bigger impact on the overall décor. No room is too small or too simple. Even the bathroom has that sophisticated look that defines this whole place.

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