A Big And Beautiful Family Home Designed To Last For Generations

This is a house that was built to last, one that’s been designed to be a cozy family home for generations to come. It was created with great consideration in mind for versatility and flexibility. The project was a close collaboration between studios Walton Architecture + Engineering, Crestwood Construction and interior designer Denise Kuriger. It occupies a generously-sized piece of land in Truckee, a town in Nevada. The site has a gentle slope which the architects took advantage of by adding a lovely sunken sitting area just outside.

The house itself is quite big, with a large floor plan which has been divided and organized in such a way to allow different family members and guests the opportunity to enjoy different activities and to have some privacy at the same time. There are quite a few cozy window nooks throughout the house and several outdoor areas as well. The large floor-to-ceiling windows create a strong connection between the interior and the surroundings, allowing natural light to fill every single room. The entrance is marked by a wooden pivot door and reveals an open and airy social area with lots of comfortable seating, a big dining table and a stylish kitchen.

A big pine tree had to be removed from the plot during construction is order for the garage to be built. However, it didn’t go to waste and it was never forgotten. It became a 30′ long picnic table which is now in the backyard, a place for everyone to gather around and enjoy beautiful moments together. Because the house occupies the back corner of the plot, that made it possible to remain very open to the outdoors while also being a private and intimate retreat. This along with the way in which the house is structured turn it into a timeless and ideal family home truly built to last for generations. 

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