A beautiful example of sustainable living and modern design in Canada

This is the Carling Residence and it’s located in Northern Muskoka, Georgian Bay in Ontario, Canada. It’s a chic family home and it was built here in 2010. The project was designed by Toronto-based architectural practice Tact Architecture. It was built for a young couple and it was designed as a refuge, as a place where they could get away and hide in this beautiful home in the middle of nature.

The house is surrounded by forest and beautiful landscape and it covers a total surface of 3,600 square feet. The couple that owns the house wanted it to become a permanent residence at some point so they had a series of requests related to this matter. They wanted the house to have a sustainable structure and design and to become a part of the landscape.

The architects decided to make this a calm and tranquil getaway with an elegant design. In order to respect the clients’ wishes for a sustainable design, they tried to preserve the landscape and to make it a part of the design. The house was built into a clearing between tall trees where it benefits from their shade and from the privacy they offer.

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The views are spectacular and they make the house itself look more beautiful as well. The façade of the house is very simple and has large windows that offer unobstructed views. The interior is also minimalist. A modern décor was chosen for the residence and the color palette is neutral and relaxing but also elegant.



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