A beautiful blend of indoor and outdoor spaces in a home from Australia

The key to any good design is balance. It’s why when designing a home, architects try to maintain the balance indoor and outdoor spaces. Often they incorporate central courtyards, gardens and balconies into their designs in order to open the interior onto the exterior. Another great strategy is opting for large windows and glass doors.

A great example of a home that features a wonderful blend of indoor and outdoor spaces is this residence. It’s a contemporary home and it’s located in Sydney, Australia. The construction was completed in 2012 and the house was designed and built by Fox Johnston. The designers tried to make the house seem larger than it actually is and for that they tried to incorporate this mix of interior and exterior spaces into the structure.

The residence is simple and was meant to be functional and inviting. As you see, it’s a continuous mix of indoor and outdoor spaces and it’s a great space, filled with light and with spacious living areas. By creating a smooth and seamless connection between the garden and the interior living areas, the designers managed to create the illusion of a bigger site.

The upper level also offers views of the surrounding area and of the garden.The large windows let in plenty of natural light. Nevertheless, the interior is not as bright as you might think. That’s probably due to the color palette that was chosen for the interior décor. It includes shades of grey, white and wood and green is used as an accent color.

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