A beach house with an architectural and artistic design in Australia

Beach houses are a category that tends to follow a pattern in terms of design. Most beach houses have this light design, bright interior and fresh décor. But not all of them manage to combine those elements in an artistic design. It’s not the case for this beach house.

Located in Queensland, Australia, this beautiful beach house was a project by Aboda Design Group. The client had few but clear requests. He wanted a house with clean and refined lines, with a modern design and an informal décor that would also have a dramatic presence. Another request was for the architect to take advantage of the potential of the site.

This beach house was designed to serve as a family getaway place and as a space where family members with different interests and independent lifestyles could come together as a group. For the exterior, a modern and simple design was chosen, with bold lines and strongly articulated features. The site was not very friendly and this made the project difficult. The site was steep and there were also height limitations.

The orientation and position of the house were dictated by the site and the views. The location of the driveway and that of the car parking were determined first and then the house was arranged as a series of cascading half-levels. The house cantilever towards the ocean and the views are spectacular from almost every room.

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The interior is composed of large open floor plans. The materials used were low-maintenance, simple and durable, just as the client requested. They include fiber cement cladding, aluminum, steel roofing, tiled walls, hardwood flooring and decking and porcelain tiles. The house has highly operable windows, concrete walls that maintain a pleasant temperature inside and sun control devices along with a rainwater harvesting and storing system.



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