A 640 sqm Modern Switzerland House

In the beautiful landscape of Switzerland, surrounded by tall mountains and a lot of vegetation and trees, there are many dream homes, constructed at the highest standards of style and comfort. Among them there is this 640 square meters household, completed in 2009  by the famous Italian architect Gianluca Martinelli.The house is structured on two levels : the ground floor and the first floor. At the ground floor there is a  huge living room, that extends on the whole  width of the land.

When the weather permits, the broad glass doors and the uniform  choice of materials make possible the extension  of the living area as far as the swimming pool. At the upper floor, there are several bedrooms, and thanks to the side tree line there is a feeling of intimacy in the area. Also the entire house is oriented towards a few particular  viewpoints and it is designed according to the specific  function of the interior. This fact guarantees a certain degree of intimacy in the private rooms of the household.

Looking inside, at the interior , there are only modern elements of design, combined with the best materials including wood, large glass panels and doors .The furniture is also perfectly designed for this interior. It is simple but  highly functional and it makes the best statement of the quality found in any corned of the residence. The pool makes the living  at this house a luxury experience with intimacy and comfort.{found on archdaily and pics by Simone Mengani}

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