A 17th century barn renovation by Coast Office Architecture

Stuttgart-based practice Coast office Architecture have designed Atelier S. This is a project renovation of a 17th century barn in Weinstadt, Germany. The architects seek to maintain the original aesthetic and identity of its former self by utilizing traditional methods and applications to reinforce the falling barn.

Accommodating a new studio and exhibition space, the historic barn was facing an imminent danger of a collapsing roof due to the rotten timber members and damp exterior walls. In order to restore it, the roof and timber trusses were replaced and an application of clay plaster was placed in the interior to create a natural indoor atmosphere, while the old stone walls were re-purposed.

Keeping the barn door entrance, the ground floor houses the exhibition and workshop area. The two zones are defined through a subtle difference in elevation and the old wooden braces that run along the spine. Moreover rustic details are exposed along the walls and ceiling, while keeping the interior true to the barn’s history. The upstairs level features a private artist’s retreat which can be accessed by a wooden staircase.

Atelier S is as functional as it is beautiful. With portions of the floor removed on the first floor in order to allow natural light to reach the ground level, this building still has its historic value and is an unique place.

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