88.75 square meters traditional japanese house

Located in a calm residential area in Tokyo, Japan, this residence has a striking design. The house sits on a 177.72 square meter site area and the building itself occupies 88.75 square meters. The total floor space is 154.60 square meters. The residence was designed by Shinichi Ogawa & Associates in 2010. The design and structure of the house is very interesting and unusual.

The house has two contrasting sides. One of them is an intimate, calm, closed volume with a courtyard and outward looking while the other is an open glasshouse designed for public areas and entertainment. The two volumes are very well defined and visually separated. This way the social area is separated from the private one. The main façade of the residence features a tall wall of frosted glass that brings sunlight into the central hall.

The property has two courtyards, a small one and a large one. The large courtyard is bounded by the LDK on the north side and by the children’s room and master bedroom on the other. The courtyard has a cubic shape and it connects all the rooms creating a visually coherent and uniform look.

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The overall design of the residence is unusual and innovative while also being very functional. The main volume with the bedrooms is closed and more intimate while the other one is se-mi open. There’s also a 3rd floor penthouse and a rooftop terrace. They both offer panoramic views of the city.{found on archdaily}.



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