8 Blacks Complex by NRJA Architects

Located in Kuldigas, Latvia, the 8Blacks is one of those properties that you will remember for a long time. This wonderful and inspiring complex, designed by NRJA Architects, is siting on a 461sqm beautiful plot.

The complex is made up of four parts. The first one is a group of buildings for daily living and is the perfect balance for the rest of the complex. The second area consists of a guest and sauna house, while the third one is a cellar sat. If you like outdoor activities, then you will love the final part, which is a football and volleyball field.

The 8 Blacks is a mixture of traditional and modern, which makes it a hip place to live. Furthermore, the architects used raw wood planking for both the walls and roofs, thereby creating a flow throughout the entire complex.

With surrounding views that take your breath away this beautiful retreat-like complex is a design exhibition of modern living.{pictures by Gatis Rozenfelds}


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