74 sqm simple brick industrial structure built in 1890 renovation

This simple brick structure is located in Sydney, Australia. It was designed by Richard Peters Associates and it covers a total area of 74 square meters. The construction process was completed in 2010. The structure was originally built in 1890 by two Irish blacksmiths who were brothers. The structure was supposed to house their coach building business.

The building then got other uses. It also operated as a motorcycle repair shop, as a second hand washing machine warehouse, a builder’s workshop and as a studio for local artists.

In 2003 the building was put on the market. In the same period, one of the owners decided to invest in a project that presented the opportunity to develop a smaller and more efficient way to live. This is another way to look at the concept “bigger is better”.

The renovation project had to stay within a limited budget while also trying to fulfill the client’s long term needs. The client requested a sustainable residence that would allow them to reduce the use of traditional, costly and polluting energy requirements. They wanted to do that without having to give up the comfort.

The building had been equipped with solar panels, operable doors and windows and concrete floors that help during the cold winters. It also includes lots of storage and effective insulation.{found on archdaily and pics by Justin Alexander}

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