72 Sentosa Cove Residence

As the name indicates, this residence is located in Sentosa Cove, in the eastern part of Sentosa Island, in Singapore. It is a dream home on four levels, providing everything a family with children could dream about a house. It has it all:  facilities for entertainment and social needs, but also for solitary moments.All done by a Singapore-based architectural firm called ONG&ONG.

The initial plan was respected and resulted in the maximization of space and privacy at the same time. The courtyard is the area that has multiple functions, no matter you want to spend time with your family or invite your friends over at the pool or in the training room or whatever crosses your mind. This place is definitely perfect for an active family. First, it is a large residence, which seems to be more a hotel and not just a home: modern, elegant, luxurious.

It has all the qualities someone could think of: beautiful natural surroundings, more than enough space to live and to do all sorts of activities, wonderful rooms with modern furniture and appliances, great perspectives over the landscape, the newest high-quality things both inside and outside. It is definitely an appropriate example of a luxurious home, a “smart house” with all it stands for. It is impossible not to like this home, which gives the impression that you find yourself in a  five-star hotel where everything is at your disposal and the only concern is to feel great.

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