72 Feet Samitaur Tower by Eric Owen Moss

The Samitaur was desigged by Eric Owen Moss is an information tower located in Culver City, California. The tower is actually an exception in that area, reaching 72 feet high when all the other buildings are under 56 feet because of the height limit. It was built in June 2011 in a very strategic location that allows visitors to see it. Also, the train stations nearby provide even more visitors as they have to pass the tower on their way to local businesses.

The tower displays culturally significant content and local event information, along with art and graphic presentations of all sorts that can be seen by all those who pass by, using a car, train or by foot. Basically, the tower consists in five circular steel rings placed at an interval of 12 feet. The rings are approximately 30 feet in diameter. There are projection screens at each floor that can be seen by everyone passing by. Inside, steel decks allow visitors to admire the view and the city. If you want to go to the top, there’s a glazed elevator in an enclosed glass shaft, as well as an open stairway.

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The Samitaur tower is an important landmark in that area and a great cultural reference. It’s a way of educating people and of defending the cultural background. Also, it’s a modern addition to the surroundings.



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