7 Stunning Pool Houses

It’s summer time, and that often goes hand in hand with craving some pool time. Of course, some very lucky homeowners have pools right in their backyards and amazing pool houses that go with them. Pool houses are so popular because they can actually double as guest rooms in many situations, and are ideal for party planning or having a place for your children to spend their time during the hot months. If you’re thinking of building a pool house, look no further than the design inspiration below. We think you’ll enjoy the wide variety of styles and finishings that these spaces feature.

This stunning pool house is a modern home enthusiast’s dream. Enclosed by glass, dwellers can enjoy the view of the pool while relaxing in the air conditioning inside. Equipped with sliding glass doors, this pool house can actually be transformed into an indoor/outdoor space. Also, I love how the architect was not limited by the sloping lawn; they created a large deck anyway that floats over the grass.Designed by Steinbomer Bramwell.

A completely different style from the other homes featured, this pool house would be classified as Georgian style. Yet, the design could be adapted to fit many different types of pool houses. A small room on either side, one could hold a bathroom/shower combination while the other could hold a small kitchenette or a pull out sofa. A patio table in between makes it easy to grab food or have a buffet.{found on Eric Stengel Architecture}.

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This A-frame pool house lets in tons of light and has a fantastic loft space for guests of the owners to stay. Large, sliding doors make access to the pool a breeze, and huge windows let in a gorgeous amount of natural light. Modern furnishings and stone floors are perfect for wet feet, and a water feature protruding from the pool house connects it to its surroundings.Deigned by Randall Mars.

Sometimes, simplicity is all you need. This gorgeous pool does not have an extensive amount of landscaping or fluff. Plush white cushions adorn solid teak patio furniture. A unique designed pool house features awesome lighting, simple furniture, and a gorgeous kitchen.Designed by Ike Kligerman Barkley.

What about a pool house and library together in one? This chic room is filled with mid-century furniture and cool, textured walls. Large windows look out onto a narrow pool and asymmetrical patio stones. Ultimately, it’s a lovely look with a great rustic yet chic feel.Designed by FKA.

As evidenced by these five fantastic pool houses, there are so many ways you can approach designing and building one when it comes to style. You can go traditional, ultra modern, or even somewhere in between. You don’t need a large amount of luxurious materials. It is a pool house after all that will be utilized hopefully by many, many of your family and friends. So, if you decide to invest anywhere, invest in your floors and durable furniture like teak that can last more than a decade. Whatever you chose, we hope you are endlessly inspired and get to enjoy someone’s pool house this summer, whether it’s at your friend’s home or yours!

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