5 More Spectacular Shipping Container Projects

As you probably already know, shipping containers started to be very popular lately but not because of their intended use. The containers are used for all sorts of projects, from private homes to home offices, studios and even hotels. It might sound strange at first but it’s actually quite interesting and inspiring. We’ve already presented you a few such projects and now we’re back with five more. Here they are:

Three-level studio and living space.

The first one is a home office that was built from repurposed shipping containers. Usually, such a structure is made from just one container. In this case, however, seven containers were used for the project. The result was a three-level studio. Improperly called an office, this structure is in fact more than that.

It’s both a studio and a living space. It has three levels and each container is basically a room. This unusual project was developed by Daiken-Met Architects and the structure can be found in Gifu, Japan. The studio was built on a parking lot under short-term lease. Given the unusual location and the fact that this space was just a temporary solution, the design for the studio also had to be created while having in mind all the deconstruction and relocation issues.

Given all these challenges, finding a solution that would solve all the problems was not easy. Coming up with a design for a structure made from shipping containers was unusual enough so the fact that it also had to be easy to deconstructed in order to be moved to a different location only made things more difficult. Nevertheless, it all ended well. The studio that was built is called Sugoroku Office and it measures approximately 1,200 square feet.

Beach Box.

You would think that a house built from repurposed shipping containers can’t really be a fancy and sophisticated structure like the homes you would see in the Hamptons. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. Have a look at The Beach Box. It’s the first shipping container house in the Hamptons and it can be found in the dunes of Amagansett.

The house was designed by Andrew Anderson and it was built from six containers from New York-based SG Blocks. Four containers were used to build the ground level while the other two form the upper level. The ground floor is a private zone and contains four bedrooms, one in each container. The top area features an open kitchen, a living room and a dining area. In total, the house has 2,000 square feet of living space and an addition 1,300 square feet of exterior deck space.

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The Beach Box was built with tankless water heating, a 16 SEER HVAC unit, spray foam insulation and a white thermoplastic roof. It also features energy-efficient appliances. Inside, it has white oak floors, white walls and white ceilings, a chose based not only on style but also on the fact that it would help with the insulation. The exterior features fiber-cement cladding.

5 Star Container Hotel.

Those that find the idea of living in a house made of shipping containers but are not exactly sure if they want to explore the concept can see for themselves how such a space might look like and analyze the advantages and disadvantages during their stay at the 香箱乡祈福所 hotel. The name of the hotel apparently translated as Xiang Xiang Xiang Pray House but the name doesn’t exactly define the structure.

Believe it or not, this is a five star hotel that was built out of shipping containers. The idea for the project was inspired by the emergency housing from Japan that was made from such containers. The hotel was designed by Beijing-based firm Tonghe Shanzhi Landscape Design. In total, 35 new containers were used to build the structure. The hotel features 21 guest rooms. They each measure either 161 or 321 square feet and, even though they are tiny, they are also unique.

This unusual hotel was built into modules. These were built off-site and then shipped to the location of the hotel where they were put together. This strategy was quite clever as it only took the architects three months to design, build, transport and finish the containers needed for the hotel and this resulted in substantial financial savings. The hotel opened in doors its August 2012.

Yellow Cargo Container Casa in Chile.

A house made from shipping containers is unique and this detail makes it stand out regardless of its design. So why try to hide it behind a conventional design? You might as well exploit its uniqueness and make it stand out even more. It’s exactly what the designers of this house did. This eye-catching home features a bright orange exterior and it integrates perfectly into the vibrant landscape.

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The house was built using two 40-foot shipping containers and three 20-foot ones and it can be found in Santiago, Chile. It was designed and built by Proyecto ARQtainer and it’s called the Liray House. The clients requested an earthquake-resistant home and they also wanted it to come at an affordable price so the solution was to use shipping containers. The house they requested was built in only three months and the cost of the whole project was $75,000 USD.

The two larger containers that were used contain the bedrooms and the bathrooms. The three shorter ones house the living room and the kitchen. The entire structure was raised above ground level and this allowed the architects to place all the plumbing in the crawl space. Inside, the house feels inviting and beautiful. The original flooring of the containers was replaced with hardwood flooring in order to add warmth and texture to the rooms and to make them feel more like home.

Portable Container Hotel.

Whenever a major even such as the Olympics takes place, the area where the event takes place is being taken over by tourists. These tourists, of course, need a place to stay while attending the event. It’s when all the hotels get full and when measures need to be taken to ensure that everyone has a place to stay. It’s for this type of events that the Snoozebox was created.

Snoozebox is the name used for a mobile hotel that can be sent at almost any location and even in the world. The hotel comes in the form of portable rooms made out of shipping containers. The rooms/containers are stackable and they can be placed anywhere anyone needs a temporary hotel. There are 320 such rooms that are available and they are the perfect solution for major events.

The hotel is sent at the specified location and it can be ready within 48 hours. This means that the whole thing needs to be planned in advance but it also means that it’s a quick temporary solution that anyone can benefit from. Each container is a room. Each room has internet access, a TV, a personal safe and basically anything else a regular hotel room offers. Also, the rooms have attached bathrooms.



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