5 Impressive Los Angeles Residences With Contemporary Designs

Los Angeles is a metropolitan city that has one of the largest populations in the world. Founded in 1781, the city has a rich history, visible in its architecture. Besides the many historical buildings and landmarks, Los Angeles is also known for its numerous contemporary residences that are scattered throughout the city. We’ve made a selection of five such structures.

The Extravagant Blue Jay Way Residence.

The Blue Jay Way Residence was designed by Californian studio McClean Design and completed by Corr Contemporary Homes. It occupies an area of over 6,800 square feet and it impresses with both its dimensions and its luxurious style. The house has an overall extravagant design which combines luxurious features with striking colors and marvelous views of California’s stunning Sunset Strip.

The interior design of this residence features a very nice combination of dark and bright tones. The white furniture contrasts with the walls and flooring and the numerous accent pieces and accessories connect everything into a sleek and modern décor. The house has a very large kitchen where you can find contemporary appliances and a beautiful lighting fixture hanging above the white bar. The master bedroom is also very large and offers a very relaxing and inviting décor.

The views are wonderful, especially from the living area which has huge windows. Furthermore, the residence has expansive outdoor areas and a lavish swimming pool with a poolside fireplace. There’s also a very beautiful garden and inviting outdoor living spaces with stylish furniture. From here you get to admire panoramic views over the surrounding landscape and the city below.

The Three Wall House – a residence hidden behind mysterious walls.

Also located in Los Angeles, California, this residence has lured us with its unusual design. The name is quite suggestive in this case but doesn’t give us clear clues related to the actual design. The Three Wall House was designed by Kovac Architects. It’s a residence with a minimalist design. It’s situated on a hilltop site with an irregular shape that has also influenced the design and structure of the residence.

Advancing towards this area, you reach a long driveway at the end of which the site is located. There you are greeted by large walls that hide the residence and the space beyond. Advance a little more and you discover the whole beautiful site. The house is framed y three large walls which protect it from all sorts of phenomena while offering it privacy and giving it a mysterious look. On the site there’s the main house, the guest house and the garage.

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The primary living spaces are all situated on one side of the site and there’s a double-cantilevered structure hovering above them. The family room is a very large space with access to terraces to the north and east. Glass doors separate these spaces. A large pool is situated to the east and a series of beautiful gardens to the south.

An imposing residence in Bel Air Crest.

Bel Air Crest is the most expensive suburb of Beverly Hills, L. A. It’s populated with numerous luxurious and extravagant residences. We chose to present you this particular house. It impressed us with its architecture and its design. This is one of the few residences that feature a contemporary design in this particular area.

The two-story structure was built in 2010 and it occupies a total area of 9,500 square feet. It has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. With such as expansive living space, the rooms are huge. The main living area is a shared space that includes the kitchen, a dining area and a sitting area which is somewhat separated from the rest.

Besides the 9,500 square feet of internal living space, the property also includes 400 square feet of covered outdoor space. It has huge decks on all levels and these spaces can be used as outdoor dining area or simply as relaxing lounge spaces.

Inside, the residence also has a gym, an indoor hot tub, a media room which may also be used as a second family room, a wine cellar, 4 indoor fireplaces, 2 powder rooms and an oversized garage. In addition, there’s a series of covered patios, an outdoor fireplace and a very beautiful infinity pool.

Two-story contemporary home in Silver Lake.

This contemporary residence is also impressive although its dimensions are less imposing. Located in Silver Lake, a neighborhood in Los Angeles dominated by hills and a sloped landscape, the house was designed by Los Angeles-based studio Space International. It’s called the Redesdale residence and it was completed in 2008.

The house has two floors and it’s been recently renovated. Its design is quite interesting and the architecture is simple and specific to modern homes. The residence features a series of terraced interior levels which each feature beautiful views of the surrounding landscape and over the site. The street façade of the house features a series of interlocking volumes with plaster and wooden exteriors and they create a very nice geometrical pattern

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The garden and the views are important elements in the design of this residence. The orientation and the layout have been carefully chosen to offer distinct views and the garden surrounds the site and complements its architecture. The internal distribution of the rooms is organized around a central stairwell. The upper level is devoted to house the master suite and the study. The entrance level contains a guest room, an open kitchen and the dining area with is connected to a wooden deck via sliding doors.

Minimalist Santa Monica residence with picturesque views.

This is the Brentwood residence, a contemporary building located in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains in Los Angeles. Completed in 2007, the residence was a project by Santa Monica-based architectural practice Belzberg Architects. The site is wonderful as it offers stunning views. However, revealing these views and taking advantage of them was a challenge.

Initially, the lot didn’t offer immediate views from the buildable area of the estate so the architects had to be ingenious when designing the residence. They came up with a design that features a series of independent structures connected by pathways. There’s a clear delimitation between the formal living area and informal spaces. The overall design of the house is contemporary with classic mid-century influences.

The main volume contains the kitchen and a series of informal family gathering spaces. The kitchen is a tradition space that connects and also separates the public from the private areas. The property also has a second kitchen, designed for the guest house. It’s a space that serves as both an indoor and an outdoor area. It has large sliding glass doors and an adjacent outdoor dining area. The interior design chosen for this project features clean modern lines, a very pleasant color palette and chic accent pieces that give the rooms a sophisticated look.



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