40 foot Container into Stylish Small-Home Spaces

There are all sorts of the houses being built all over the places, and indeed with all sort of materials that could possibly imagine. However, have you heard of a house built with the container for shipping?

Well, there sure are plenty, how about an extremely nice looking and fashionable one? There is one indeed. It is in fact being built brilliantly and can be considered to be amazingly stylish.

The color, red, the owner has chosen is bright and cheerful; it is just as a huge lunchbox made of metal. You could imagine the space being all cramped since it nothing more like the 40 foot container made for shipping that is only with the width of 8 foot.

Well, if you have seen HDU 00001, then you might not think that way. It is just full of spaces, and within the home made from this container, it consists of all the living spaces one could possible think of, such as the bathroom, kitchen, toilet, shower room, living room and so on. There is even an inbuilt closet in this HDU 00001. It is just amazing, those who seen it can’t agree with the brilliantness of the design, and it even has the capability to expand more.

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