4 Churches Turned Into Beautiful Homes

Generally churches are designed by someone who has a lot of experience and a consistent background. I’d like to share 4 Churches Turned Into Beautiful Homes out there—probably even some you’ve never heard of.

1. The first church turned into a home is noticeably modern with pink accents and contemporary furniture.Most old curches have impressive ceiling height and this building does not disappoint.After renovations the entire church is bright and airy featuring a fantastic and open living room.

This bedroom looks like in my dreams:comforted and safe with large windows and modern furnished.

2.Next one is located in Northumberland, England and feature an gorgeous Georgian style.The entire process to turn the church into a home was done by Sally Onions and Ian Bottomley.The building was bought for £92,000 and the total sum spend for modernization was £300,000.The interior design at this church compared with previous is rustic but original for all 5 bedrooms.

3.Third one is a 1870 Gothic Church in Utrecht which was turned into a contemporary home by Zecc Architects and Thomas Haukes in 2009.The contemporary chuch is available for the sum of €2.375 million.I guess worth the money considering is a 19th century building plus few minimalist furniture.I love the improvised office with the comfy armchair and small glass table.

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4.The last one is a chapel converted into a modern apartment by same Dutch firm called Zecc.The arcthicts team chose to keep many of the original features like gothic stained glass windows and the original choir organ.



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