39 Iris street paddington house

Located in Paddington, Sydney the house have a impressive list of features: high ceilings, polished concrete/limewashed timber floors, sunny balcony, flexible laundry/bar/storage and wiring for B&O sound, this pristine home is a must see for young professionals and empty nesters seeking a quiet village location near trendy shopping, dining and entertainment options.

It’s a really convenient location and the house is very beautiful. It has a nice modern look, with those glass walls that people seem to like more and more. It has an interesting structure and it’s a good-looking house when seen from outside. But the inside in not less beautiful either. The interior décor is also very modern and very colorful as well. There are a lot of colorful and fun pieces in there, like the furniture from the living room. Also, there are a lot of details and decoration in there and it seems a little busier and more crowded than some people might have expected.

The kitchen is very spacious and elegant. It’s a little simpler than the rest of the house, but this is because some rooms are just made to be practical and functional and less sophisticated. It’s also the case of the bedroom. It looks very inviting and relaxing and that bed seems so comfortable. Overall, the whole house is beautiful, each room has its own characteristics and specific design but the larger picture is beautiful and stylish.

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