350 Square Family House in Gurgaon, India

Located in Gurgaon, India, this family home was designed and built by DADA Partners and was named the B-99 House. Although it has a modern design, it has a traditional structure typical for the area. The house was designed around a central courtyard. Courtyards are a typical feature in Indian architecture and they serve to regulate the temperature.

The residence has three floors spread over 350 square feet. The basement houses the clients’ studio while the upper floors contain the living spaces. The distribution is simple and features the formal areas at the front and the private rooms at the back.

The courtyard has an adjacent steel staircase which connects it to the upper floors. The rooms on the ground floor and the first level are connected by bridge-like structures running along the courtyard. In addition to the central space, the residence also includes a series of smaller voids spread throughout the space which have the role to bring in light and to ensure proper ventilation.

In addition to being interesting from an architectural point of view, the B-99 House also impresses with its sustainable features. The voids help with the natural ventilation and the south portion features solar panels. In addition, large windows let in natural light during the day.

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