30 Of The Most Beautiful California Houses And Their Stories

There are amazing houses all throughout the world but a lot of them are concentrated in a few regions, one of which is California. We’re not talking just about Hollywood but the entire region in general.

Most Beautiful California Houses

Over the years we’ve seen our share of amazing California houses and we can now honestly say that there’s a lot of inspiration to be found here.

The most expensive house in the U.S.

924 Bel Air Road is where you can find the ultimate billionaire’s house, a mansion designed by Bruce Makowsky for those who only want the best of everything. This is the priciest home every listed for sale in the U.S., with a price tag of $250 million. For this, someone can become the owner of a 12-bedroom mansion with 21 bathrooms, three kitchens, five bars and a home theater that can sit 40 people. Of course, to this we should also add the infinity pool, the numerous terraces, gardens and amazing views.

The Wave House

Although not nearly as expensive as the mansion previously described, a lot of other California houses deserve to be mentioned thanks to their amazing architecture and exquisite designs. One of them is the Wave House, a residence designed by Mario Romano in Venice, Los Angeles. Its name is actually very suggestive of its design. The house has this abstract and unusual form and a unique look given by the undulating metal exterior.

The exterior shell of the building was created using more than 300 white aluminum panels attached to a metal structure. The street facade is the only different one, featuring a stained cedar wall. The exterior is not the only one with fluid lines as the interior spaces are also seamlessly connected. They’re also defined by a lot of organic forms and interestingly carved shapes which are meant to mimic the elements found in nature.

Weathering steel house

Some houses get ugly and outdated as time passes but not always. This house in Sonoma Valley, California has an exterior wrapped in weathering steel which is meant to get a patina over time and to age with the house. The project was developed byAlchemy Architects and it’s very interesting in the sense that it was designed in Minnesota, built-in Oregon and then transported to Santa Rosa, California for a client living in San Francisco. This is an example that illustrates the efficiency of prefabricated designs and structures.

The house is made up of two separate volumes. They’re made of steel and they sit on concrete platforms. One of the volumes is larger than the other and includes the social areas as well as the open plan kitchen. It has glass facades and beautiful views of the valley. Both volumes have access to balconies and warm and open interiors wrapped in wood.

Weekend retreat with a sloped roof

Sometimes it’s not the shape or size of the house that matters the most. The location, the views and the surroundings are just as important. You can see that in the case of this weekend retreat designed by Malcolm Davis Architecture inHealdsburg, a small town in Northern California. Here, in the Sonoma Valley, the views are beautiful and peaceful and the design of this house is meant to reflect all that.

The structure sits on a 165 acre site populated with trees. The architects made sure to preserve the conditions on the site and to make the most of the views and the landscape. The design is similar to that of a cabin but more open to the exterior. The clients specifically requested the house to be as open to the exterior as possible, hence the glazed facade, large windows and a layout that’s strongly focused on the outdoors.

Old barn turned into artist’s studio

This is a very interesting project not necessarily because of the design although that’s pretty impressive as well but because of the transformation the building went through. What used to be a very old and derelict barn became a beautiful artist’s studio. The structure was all redesigned, including both the interior and the exterior. The studio has an entire facade made of sliding glass doors which can be opened to connect the internal living and dining space to the outdoor lounge area.

The transformation was a project byMork-Ulnes Architectswho tried to preserve the original form of the barn while giving it a contemporary appearance. The interior space were significantly remodeled. They were simplified and given a more open feel by giving some of the spaces a double-height ceiling and large windows or glass walls so natural light can enter.

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The ambiance inside is very pleasant. The concrete walls give the studio a certain roughness but the wood ceiling makes the spaces feel warm and inviting. What’s really beautiful is the series of little garden pockets spread across the interior. They bring nature into the house and they create a sense of freshness throughout the rooms.

A modern ranch home

The house designed byTurnbull Griffin Haesloop Architectsis impressive both in terms of size and looks. It’s meant to serve as a home for an extended family and it’s located in Marin County, California. It’s both spacious and rich in beautiful features and decor elements. The rooms are large and open, with the kitchen and dining area being designed to accommodate 16 people.

The interior or organized into two main volumes linked by a bridge-like terrace. Out in the courtyard there’s a pool, a hot tub and various lounge spaces as well as an outdoor dining area. The exterior of the house is quite interesting, being covered in red cedar. The corrugates zinc roof completes the modest, rustic-inspired look.

Four rentable artist’s cabins

As an artist, where would you go to find inspiration? Well, if you’re close-by, you could rent one of these four cabins situated in Woodside, California. They were designed by CCS Architecture as getaways or retreats for various types of artists. Writers, painters and anyone interested can spend a month out here searching for their inspiring muse. The cabins were designed as part of theDjerassi Resident Artists Program. They have sustainable designs and simple but welcoming interiors and glass walls with views of the Santa Cruz valley.

A house surrounded by vineyards

A lot of California houses are inspired by their surroundings, like this residence in Napa Valley. The house is surrounded by vineyards and trees and the views are wonderful, this being the main reason why the architects made sure to open up the interior spaces and to let the outdoors in. Completed byJørgensen Design, the residence gets to offer its owners both the privacy they were seeking and the option to feel in sync with nature.

The design is structured in two volumes connected by a glass foyer. One of the volumes contains the living spaces and main sleeping area while the other one is for guests. Together they form an L shape with two large walls that isolate the spaces from the busy road. One of the walls is made of stone while the other is made of cedar wood. Both volumes have access to gardens and courtyards.

A contemporary ranch

After it’s been forgotten for 30 years, the Hupomone Ranch was recently transformed byTurnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects and now serves as a contemporary residence. The owners wanted the new design of the ranch to reflect their sustainable lifestyle and love of nature so they requested that the house be open to the surroundings and in harmony with everything around it.

The ranch is located inChileno Valley, California and its design is a modern and more imposing version of a simple barn. The exterior is all white and this helps it contrast with the green surroundings and at the same time to have a pure, bright and airy look meant to offer some extra protection against the hear of the sun. Large windows all around the house offer views of the surroundings and let the natural light in while sliding glass doors connect the open plan to the garden.

Concrete, wood and steel house

There are many beautiful tiny houses in California but this contemporary residence is definitely not one of them and that’s because of its impressive size. This is a residence designed by Arcanum Architecture Inc.in Alberto, California. It has a very beautiful and elegant facade which blends concrete, wood and steel and large windows that offer strategic views of the surroundings. The backyard still has all the trees that were initially on the site, with some added greenery around them.

A modern, ranch-style house

Located in Los Altos, California, this modern family house has an interesting style reminiscent of ranch homes typically found in the area. It was designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jacksonon a single level. The architects were careful to preserve the existing Japanese maple tree and, more than that, they turned it into a crucial element in the design of the house. The building was organized around the tree. Even more, several other trees can be seen in various parts of the house.

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The main living space is a double-height room with a wood ceiling. It links the kitchen, dining room and living area and it’s furnished with exquisite and elegant pieces such as a live edge table and classical armchairs. The connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces is a very close one. Every room and every section of the house is in some way connected to the surroundings, either through large windows or sliding glass doors.

A charming and sculptural guest house

Although quite small, this structure is one of the most charming and eye-catching properties we came across so far. It’s one of the many tiny houses California has to offer. It only measures 640 square feet which is around 59 square meters and it’s actually a guest house, not a full residence. It was designed byTurnbull Griffin Haesloop Architectsin Mill Valley, California.

The house is in fact a multifunctional structure. It can either be used as a small retreat or a hangout area but it can also serve as a guest area for visiting relatives or friends. It’s meant to be versatile in every way. It sits in a steep slope and it embraces its surroundings in a very bold and eye-catching way. The first thing anyone gets to see is the outdoor porch which has a flat roof pierced by several circular skylights.

This already suggests a dynamic, bold and modern design and the interior area doesn’t disappoint in this sense. Wood covers some of the walls while the floors are polished concrete. The spaces are open and decorated with neutral colors and comfortable furniture. The overall ambiance is meant to be relaxing, inviting but also sophisticated and intriguing.

Contemporary house replaces an old farmhouse

The idea when designing this house was to create a replacement for an old farmhouse that used to occupy the site. However,Malcolm Davis Architecturedidn’t want to only update the old design but to actually create something new and unique. This contemporary home is located in Los Altos Hills, in California. It has an H-shaped floor plan which allows for a clear distinction between the functions and a well-organized series of spaces.

One section of the house includes the living and dining area as well as the kitchen. The other section houses the bedrooms and in between the two volumes is the entrance, the family room and a small courtyard. These serve as dividers between the day and night zones, being a sort of buffer zone. Both sections are designed with a very comfortable and inviting interior. The living area has a double-sided fireplaces which also acts both as a divider and a connector between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

A lagoon house

Having a view of a lake, river or any body of water from inside a home is wonderful and very relaxing. Don’t believe us? Have a look at this lovely house in Stinson Beach, California. It was built beside a lagoon byTurnbull Griffin Haesloop Architectsand it only has one level, enough to enjoy the views and the surroundings. The design of the house is a very simple one, defined mostly by neutral and earthy colors with a few exceptions such as the blue front door which adds a pop of color to the facade.

Inside the house, the architects maintained a warm and simple decor. The floors and ceilings are covered in cedar wood and most of the furniture is custom built and perfectly fits in and complements the spaces. Large windows let in natural light and the ambiance inside is a very bright, open and welcoming one. The outdoor spaces are natural extensions of the interior living areas.

Remodel of a classic home

In Mountain View, California, there once was this classic and beautiful home that its owners really loved. They wanted to preserve its look and charm but they also needed the home to be remodeled and transformed to better suit their modern lifestyle. They chose to give the house a makeover and to update both the exterior and the interior without making too many radical changes.

It was a collaborative project byKlopf Architecture,Outer Space Landscape Architect



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