3 S Villa in Austria

I am not an expert in architecture, but i do enjoy reading all the articles that I can find on the Internet on this topic. Well, I have noticed a tendency of most architects to try to make the designs of the houses mingle with nature and embrace it, so when you look at one of the houses they design, you will have the feeling of peace and quiet and also of a special bond between the house and the nature. But this does not mean

that the design is old-fashion or very traditional. Quite the opposite I can add. You can see very modern buildings that integrate very well in the middle of nature. One example is this house in Austria called the 3 S Villa and which was designed by the architects from Love Architecture.

The architecture of this house is pretty unusual and the exterior terrace has a dark brown wooden floor, which brings a natural touch. Even the roof has an unusual shape, as it touches the hill on one side and is higher on the other side, letting the sun inside.

The windows are on the sunny side and are very wide, bringing in all the natural light that they can and the interior of the villa is also very simple, yet spectacular. I particularly noticed the white kitchen walls that make the room full of light and larger, too, ans also the very nice shape of the armchairs. It is not very big, but still large enough to be a comfortable home.

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