250 square rectangular house

This rectangle-shaped house is located in Tel Aviv, Israel. It was designed by Jacobs-Yaniv Architects in collaboration with structural engineer Doron Toeg and project manager Oren Sadot. The garden was the creation of Itamar Landscape Design Ltd. It’s a 250 square meter house that sits on a 750 square meter plot. It has a rectangular shape that occupies most of the site and an overall simple design.

The interior includes the ground floor, where most of the rooms are located, and a basement level. The basement only includes a guest room and a storage area. The house is divided into two main volumes or sections. One is for sleeping while the other one is for social interaction. A pathway in the middle connects these two areas, thus the name of the house. Inside, the rooms in each section are interconnected. There are no walls or columns.

The pathway from the middle of the house is 3 meters wide and 14 meters long. It also includes a tall wooden library. The social section of the house is basically a large open plan. The décor is simple modern, with subtle industrial touches. The house also includes a series of outdoor areas such as the terrace and, of course, the beautiful garden. The transition from snide out is very smooth and the plants play a very important role in this case. They create a strong visual connection between the two spaces and they progressively make the transition.{found on archdaily and pics by Uzi Porat}.

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