24 Amazing Before And After Home Renovations

The reasons behind a home renovation project can be very diverse. Whether the goal is to expand, to rejuvenate the decor or to actually rebuild the whole structure, before and after home renovations are always exciting, showing the unique stories behind each project and allowing us to witness the amazing transformations and the elements which inspired them. Check out the following examples to find inspiration for your own home remodeling plans.

When the new owners of this house purchased the property, the building was in bad need of a renovation. The house is located in Whistler, Canada, a region where it’s quite common to simply knock down old buildings rather than to salvage and remodel them. That makes this project pretty special. The original 1970’s cabin was preserved and given a complete overhaul, inside and out. It was a project completed by Stark Architecture in 2017. The original cabin was renovated and added to a new two-storey structure so this wasn’t only a home remodel but also an expansion project.

Sometimes before and after home renovation are so drastic that you can barely recognize the house. This was the case for a home located in Seattle, Washington. Originally the site was occupied by a split-level home which didn’t really match the needs and expectations the owner had. The remodel was done by studio Grouparchitect and involved tearing down the original structure and reconstructing it in a way that suited the owners’ requirements. The before and after images show just how huge the transformation was.

A lot of home remodeling projects focus on the aesthetic aspects and not so much on big structural changes. This 1020s home from Sydney, Australia was renovated by CplusC Architectural Workshop. The original building envelope and overall structure were preserved with a few internal changes being made so the house can accommodate additional bedrooms and a more flexible living area setup. A few more windows were also added and the exterior of the building was totally redesigned.

This duplex from San Francisco, California was transformed into a modern home by Baran Studio Architecture and the project addressed a few existing issues such as the fact that over the years the building has been remodeled but not in a very positive manner. The new design reunifies the house, opening up the spaces and also helping the building better blend in with its surroundings. The building was ultimately simplified and updated, both from an aesthetic and a functional perspective.

Looking at these before and after home renovation pictures we almost can’t believe anything from the old structure was actually preserved. This started out as a ranch-style home located in Kansas City, Missouri. Studio Hufft Projects was contracted to renovate the place and also to build an extension. The architects preserved as much as possible from the original structure and integrated these elements into their new design. The extension houses a master suite, two additional bedrooms and a playroom.

The collaboration between ONE SEED Architecture + Interiors and Vertical Grain Projects in Vancouver, Canada resulted in the amazing transformation of 1957 bungalow into a modern family home with new higher roofs and a simplified, more modern overall structure both inside and out. A lot of the original elements were reused and incorporated into the new design but even so the before and after images show just how much the structure changed.

You can hardly even tell that this is the same house in both pictures. Before it was this modern, low profile 1950’s house which was not only small but also outdated in pretty much every way possible. It was then converted into a modern three-story family home by Splyce Design in collaboration with Blackfish Homes. It wasn’t just the house that remodeled but also everything around it. The new landscaping design helps to establish a seamless connection between the indoor and outdoor areas.

Apartment renovations can be less dramatic than house remodels because only the interior gets transformed but that doesn’t mean they’re any less interesting or impressive. This is a 70 square meter apartment located in Tel Aviv, part of a structure which was closed and derelict for years until architect Raz Melamed turned into a modern and very stylish home. The main goal was to create a clean and simple interior design that also feels cozy and welcoming. A neutral color palette and a selection of natural materials helped his achieve that objective.

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Responding to the owners’ dissatisfaction with some of the architectural and design features of this Spanish Colonial Revival style home from Arizona, The Ranch Mine transformed the building into a place that actually feels like home. The house had big columns that blocked the views, a heavy clay tile roof and an interior layout which didn’t suit the lifestyle of the inhabitants at all. All of that changed and this is the result.

Sometimes no matter how you look at it, a house just can’t be saved and that’s when the project turns into a lot more than just a home renovation. A good example is the story of a house from Sao Paulo which belonged to the same family for three generations. When its new residents, a young couple and their dog, decided to move in, they didn’t agree with the poorly lit, badly compartmentalized interior or with the low ceilings so they decided it was best to demolish the old structure and to build a new one in its place. That was done by Estúdio BRA.

Once owned by Anthony Kiedis (the lead singer of Red Hot Chili Peppers) this house from the Hollywood Hills in California was renovated by AUX Architecture at which point its appearance changed by the roofline and overall structure were preserved. The house was originally built in 1989 and its latest renovation was a very successful one which transformed it in a very noticeable way without requiring a big budget.

Another impactful before and after home renovation was completed by studio LLI Design in Highgate, North London. This Victorian townhouse was updated with a new, simplified look and a design that lets in more natural light and establishes a closer connection and a more seamless transition between the indoor and the outdoor spaces. Light, color and texture were the main focal points of this project.

A ranch-style house located in Austin, Texas went through an impressive makeover process done by co(X)ist Studio. During this process, the house was expanded and updated, ultimately becoming a house with a Y-shaped floor plan. At the same time, a lot of the spaces were reorganized and repurposed as something else. For example, the old garage become the new home office. A new porch was also added at the rear of the house, featuring a lovely canopy and a cut-out for an existing tree.

This house from Leucadia, California was also renovated and transformed from an outdated structure into a modern, fun and cheerful home with bright spaces and all sorts of exciting new features. The house was originally built in 1957 and its most recent renovation was done by studio Surfside Projects. A few structural changes were done as well, in addition to all the cosmetic details. Also, the front yard was totally redesigned and now includes a lounge area with a fire pit. The new interior design has a prominent coastal vibe, featuring surfboards and other such items as decorations.

Judging by how this house looked like in the past, it’s understandable that its new owners chose it for the wonderful location and the large garden that came with it and not the actual building which was old and very outdated, not to mention in bad shape. Architects Edouard Brunet and François Martens worked on the home remodeling and they took this challenge head-on, completely transforming the house to the point that it’s almost unrecognizable now. The dark and gloomy spaces became bright and open and a strong connection with the beautiful garden was established.

It used to be an old carpenter’s workshop, now it’s a stylish home. The transformation was done by FFWD Arquitectes. The original space was a large open volume. It was organized into two zones: a guest suite which can also be used as a studio and a living space. Some of the original features such as the walls and ceilings were preserved and seamlessly integrated into the new design which focuses on simplicity and the new of pure and natural materials and finishes. This cool new home is located in Barcelona, Spain.

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From a structural point of view this building from Rimini, Italy stayed more or less the same. Its appearance, however, changed a lot. The transformation was done by studio ArchiNow! and focused mainly on updating the building to make it better suited for a contemporary lifestyle while preserving as much of the original structure as possible. The exterior of the building is white with stone and wood surfaces and accent lighting puts the spotlight on the balconies, giving the house a cool look.

A commercial building from Bangkok, Thailand was renovated and transformed into a part home part of office space. It belongs to an extended family and it occupies a narrow site squeezed between two other buildings. The new design divides the building into a spacious house comprised of a living room, lounge area, a set of bedrooms and plenty of storage and the office of a business belonging to one of the family members. The transformation was completed by IDIN Architects in 2015.

Check out another cool before and after transformation, this time in Brooklyn, New York. This is a renovation and addition project completed by Office of Architecture. The 110-year-old house occupies a small and narrow plot that’s only 15 meters wide. As a result, it has a very limited floor plan and, naturally, that had to change. The architects did a great job at expanding the house vertically and giving it a fresh, minimalistic and very modern look.

Located in Seattle, Washington, this split-level house features an original and eye-catching design which is the result of a major renovation project conducted by studio Grouparchitect. The original configuration of the building was maintained and a new rooftop deck was added. From up here, the inhabitants can admire views of the downtown Seattle and Mount Rainier. Sections of the original building were demolished and then the house was reconstructed and shaped into a new, more modern home better suited to a contemporary lifestyle.

When this house from Oakland, California was remodeled by Baran Studio, the team used this as an opportunity to open up the interior spaces and to connect them to the outdoors, establishing a strong relationship between the living areas and the backyard. As far as the overall design and the new facade of the house, the architects found inspiration in the nearby structures which featured strong industrial vibes.

This home renovation didn’t start out with a very old and derelict house but with a rather modern one in fairly good shape. The original design was however dated so the owners wanted to give their home a refresh, just to make it look and feel more contemporary. They worked with Murdock Young Architects who managed to open up the building more by adding a few windows and establishing a strong relationship with the outdoors.

Another fresh and inspiring update was done by studio Wyant Architecture to a residence located in Chester County, Pennsylvania. The original building was an 18th century farmhouse with a prominent rustic style. The update involved a visual makeover inside and out as well as the addition of a new volume which would house a spacious family room and a bedroom suite. The addition also helps to better connect the house to its surroundings.

When they purchased this property in Hillsdale, New York, the new owners also got an old ranch-style house with it which wasn’t exactly their idea of a dream home. However, because tearing down the place and building a new one from scratch was too costly, they decided to keep the original structure and to renovate it. The footprint, foundation and electrical wiring were preserved and everything else was reinvented. That included the layout and exterior design plus, of course, a new, fresh and modern interior. They were helped by INC Architecture & Design.



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