22 Peaceful Cottage Designs That Seem Like Taken From A Fairy Tale World

As a kid, I really enjoyed reading stories and fairy tales and I liked the descriptions of their palaces and cottages. I always imagined them as being very dreamy, with leaf-covered roofs, a very cute construction and tiny windows and doors. Then, when I started watching movies and cartoons, these images became even more real. Recently we came across some very beautiful examples of cottages and they brought back all those memories.

The rich colors surrounding this cottage are absolutely amazing

These are fairy tale cottages, structures with cute designs and they seem just like the ones in the stories. Most of them can be found deep into the forest, hidden behind trees and vegetation.

Completely wrapped in climbing plans, this cottage is perfectly camouflagedThis one has a very playful design and almost looks like it was made by a kidThe colors found in the landscape surrounding the cottage are also incorporated in its structureHere, the contrast between the colorful flowers and the actual cottage is a key featureNot all cottages are small as some can rise above the vegetationThis peaceful cottage seems to be in its own little world, protected by the lakeCottage with a Nordic feelThe roof of this cottage reminds us of the story of the three little pigsA more elaborate designs, a cottage for a master
Very cute cottage designs with rounded roofs and tiny windowsA fairy tale house with accents that give it a royal allureThe same charming property seen from a different angleA regular house with a roof that gives a cottage-like appealPeaceful retreat inspired by a simple and playful designPartially hidden behind climbing plants, this cottage seems like a perfect retreatA little bit of color always makes a design more appealingWith a color palette inspired by nature, this cottage perfectly integrates into the décorAnother charming cottage with a very interesting roofRomantic and with a vintage allure, this cottage is actually a complex structureSometimes simple really means better and this concept suits this cottage perfectlyA very nice combination of materials, colors, texture and light

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These cottages are in a world of their own and they seem like perfect places for spending a few quiet days and recharging your batteries after a difficult and demanding period. The surroundings are charming and, more importantly, the actual design of the cottages seems like it’s been created by someone with a very pure imagination.



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