20 Modern And Contemporary Cube-Shaped Houses

Shape is very important in any design. Shape defines style along with other elements like color palette, material and influence. For example, a modern or a contemporary building will most likely feature a minimalist design, lacking any unnecessary and purely decorative features. The most popular shapes are geometric ones and cube-shaped houses are very frequently found everywhere in the world.

A large yet compact residence with a modern design

Cube-shaped houses have a very simple appearance. Their minimalist façade let you know that style will also be seen inside and prepare a simple mood and décor. Other extremely common feature for modern and contemporary houses represents the large or oversized windows.

The cube repeats itself in the façade and the shape of the windowsAnother cube-shaped house with matching huge windowsAn interesting combination of forms, shapes and colorsContemporary residence with a cube-shaped cantilevered extensionModern home featuring cube-shaped spaces and partitionsThe strict geometric form of the building contrasts with the sloping site

Sometimes the windows have square shapes in order to match the shape of the house. Symmetry is not important in such types of designs but cohesiveness is always something to want to incorporate into a project.

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A concentration of clean and simple lines along with geometrical shapesVery clean and simple design for this modern California home
Modern houses don’t necessarily need to be minimalist in terms of materialsAnother very compact residence with sleek windows and a flat roofThe flat roofs and clean lines help defines the geometric shapes of these volumesThe dark grey shade suits this modern exterior beautifullyA bold design asks for a vibrant color to complete the unique imageAn interesting combination of blue and orange for the exterior of this modern homeSometimes white can be reinvented if used in eye-catching projectsMinimalist cube-shaped residence with huge glass windows and wallsA very clean design for this contemporary structure with glass wallsVery elegant and luxurious-looking residence with a minimalist façadeA very visible use of clean, geometric shapes combined with a minimalist design

When we had the idea of putting together all these houses and their designs, we wanted to make a collection of compact structures with geometric shapes and minimalist facades. So a cube-shaped house is not necessarily a house shaped exactly like a cube. Nevertheless, this form is always found in their designs, whether we’re talking about the windows, the shape itself or some other detail.

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