19th century warehouse into a 2 level residence by Ian Moore Architects

This is the Strelein Warehouse. It used to be a sad 19th century grocery warehouse until Ian Moore Architects came with a plan to transform it into a completely different structure. The building is located in Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia. It sits on a 150 square meter area. It was originally built in the 19th century when it was s grocery warehouse. After that it has been converted into an artist’s studio and residence in the 1970s. Finally, in 2010, Ian Moore Architects turned it into a lovely 2 level residence.

Transforming this structure into a home wasn’t easy. The team had to be creative. Now the property has two separate entries, a pedestrian and a vehicle one. The front door is in the former loading deck and it looks a little intimating with the steel plate portal and the brickwork. The living area is very tall and it has a very interesting floor-to-ceiling wall of books.

The kitchen is located above the living room and it’s directly connected to the garage. There’s also a guest bathroom/storage/laundry. Even though it seems like a brand new construction. All the existing structure had been preserved. Of course, it got a major makeover. The old and retained elements have all been painted white while all new elements are black. It’s an interesting concept.{found on archdaily and pics by Iain D. MacKenzie}

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