1940s residence, still charming and dreamy

Seeing a house as beautiful as this one and then learning it was built back in the 1940s gets you all nostalgic thinking about the house your grandparents used to have or some wonderful experiences you had when visiting a similar place. Preserving the original charm of an old building allows future generations to explore the past and get in touch with the history of the space.

This is the Guirey Residence, a 1940s house which, with time, got restored and transformed little by little but which is still very much the same now as it was a few decades ago. Trends come and go but this house stays beautiful. Untouched by changes in style architects and designers had to struggle with during this period, the house has a timeless elegance which makes it precious.

There’s a very nice balance of indoor and outdoor spaces. There’s a large covered terrace perfect for enjoying outdoor dinners even when the weather is not so friendly. All spaces are generous and very inviting. There’s a familiar air throughout the house and that’s because the style is a combination of traditional and modern elements which have been preserved and passed onto other styles, including contemporary. The large windows fill the house with light and all the wood you see on the walls, floors and ceiling creates a very warm and cozy atmosphere.

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