1906 Church Updated To The Status Of Luxury Living Space

Churches are often perceived as places where peace is dominating and they’re synonymous with sanctuaries. So, when you think about it, converting a church into a home is not a very bad idea. You get to combine two independent but similar types of spaces. There are many cases of churches that got transformed. One of them can be seen in Seattle.

This used to be a church and it was originally built in 1906. 100 years later the building was sold to developers and it got transformed into a complex of homes.

Many of the original elements have been preserved in order to let the character and charm of the old building influence the new design. The historic landmark now houses 12 town home units. They all share a very large atrium with a stained glass roof.

The architects used a combination of old and new materials, including concrete and steel along with many reclaimed elements.They all have high ceilings and spacious floor plans. Some homes also have rooftop terraces. The building now also has an underground garage connected to the atrium via an elevator. Each home has its own private street entrance as well. The interior design is a mix of old and new. The architecture still features marks of the past but the homes have been made comfortable and inviting.{found on site}.

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