1880 Australian bungalow with a modern addition and lap pool

This is an 1880 house located in Adelaide, Australia. It has a traditional Victorian façade and you might think that the back looks the same. Well, you would be wrong. The house features a surprisingly modern addition in the back that makes these two areas seem like two different structures. It’s rare to see such contrasting styles under the same roof.

The current owners bought this house in 1999. They chose it mostly for the location and the charm of that it presented. The interior was not really what the new owners had in mind so they decided to make some changes. The kitchen was really tiny, the living spaces were dark and the bathroom was really badly positioned. All that had to be changed. As a result, the owners decided to renovate the place and to also add a two-story extension in the back.

After the extension was created, the whole house got brighter. The interior opened up and the back of the house was transformed into an airy and light-filled space. But while the back was drastically transformed, the front of the house was hardly touched. The façade was preserved along with the Victorian ornaments. These were elements that define the house and removing them would have meant the old structure was gone. This is why the owners decided to preserve the front and change the back. This way the house got to keep its charm and character but the interior was remodeled and turned into a more functional and modern space.{found on dwell}.

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