1850’s Church Conversion in Parkside, Australia

This stunning contemporary home was achieved by converting a church, dating back to the mid-nineteen century. The project was completed in Parkside, Australia, and is now the perfect place for entertaining family and friends.

This beautiful home features three bedrooms, a kitchen, an open-plan living and dining area, an entertainment room, deck, patio and a wonderful garden. Moreover, the house presents high ceilings, large windows and tiled floors that give it the sense of a colossal design. The former church is now very well equipped, with a security system, air conditioning, automated garage panel lift and automatic watering system for the garden.

Furthermore this minimalist conversion turned out into a modern residence design. The furniture is simple, yet beautiful with a hint of color in every room. The light fixtures are well placed and they highlight the house’s luxurious elements. It has a sleek, modern design and is an unique building with a lot of history. Having said all this you can conclude that it is an interesting place to live in.


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