1600 square meters on a hill in Mexico

The Widescreen House is a versatile structure located in Jiutepec de Morelos, Mexico. It was a project by RZERO and it covers an area of over 1600 square meters and it sits on a hill. It was designed as a versatile living solution with only one level. It’s currently only a gateway house but the owner plans on turning it into a permanent residence after he retires.

The house features two volumes that are connected by a granite vertical element. This wall separates the private areas from the common spaces of the house. It allows for privacy on both sides and it delimitates the two areas. One of the volumes includes the master bedroom, two other bedrooms and a guest room. On the other side and in the second volume are the kitchen, the dining and living areas and a terrace. There’s also a service area in the same volume. Both these volumes were designed on a 4:1 proportion. This is also what gave the name of the house.

The house naturally integrates in the surrounding landscape. It’s because the architects used materials such as concrete, black granite and crystal. The floor-to-ceiling glass walls from certain areas of the house allow expansive views of the surrounding area. The property also includes a large lap pool parallel to the house. This project used natural resources that were efficiently used. However, it’s not an ecological project. Still, the heating system for the lap pool that was placed on the roof of the house uses a great amount of solar energy. Moreover, the ventilation system created makes the air conditional unnecessary.{found on archdaily}.

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