15th Century Barn Transformed Into A Modern Home

Old and musty are definitely not the words that come to mind when you look at this beautiful home. You’d be surprised to find out that, at the heart of this project stands a 15th century barn. There’s definitely not a lot to tie the new house to its past. This is now known as the La Concha house and it’s located on the Island of Guernsey.

The house was remodeled from an old barn by MOOARC architects. It has a cohesive and fluid design and layout and the structure which used to be the barn is now at the heart of the house. The structure has two levels.

The lower volume contains the kitchen and the dining area and above them is the living space. At the front of the house there’s a casual living/play area and it opens onto a terrace. The sleeping areas and situated at the rear of the house and they’re connected to the living space via the entrance.

The combination of stone and glass is wonderfully balanced. The stone exterior lets it blend into the surroundings and the large glass walls and windows provide great views of the exterior and also link the rooms to the outdoor areas but one of the most interesting features would definitely have to be the glass floor which lets you see through and catch a glimpse at what’s going on downstairs while admiring the views from the terrace.

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