15 Hillside Homes That Know How To Embrace The Landscape

One of the best locations for a residence is on a hillside. From up there you can admire the entire landscape which reveals itself to you in all its glory and splendor. Whether you choose this location for your holiday home or permanent residence doesn’t really matter as long as its design and architecture embrace the beauty present everywhere around. These 15 houses definitely got it right.

Chalets in Austria by Viereck Architects

Completed in 2013, this exquisite mountain chalet gets to capture the wonderful panorama of upper Styria, in Austria thanks to its huge windows and openings. This was a project by Viereck Architects. There are actually several chalets in this area, all built by the same team.

They were all built on top of the mountain crest in order to offer amazing 360 degree views. The chalets appear to be floating above the landscape because of their cantilevered designs. They have spacious terraces and large windows and were built using natural materials. The chalets use geothermal energy.

The Till House by WMR Arquitectos

The Till house With Beautiful ocean Views

The views are the most important feature in the case of the Till House, a contemporary weekend home situated in Chile. The location is remote and access to the beach is made through difficult paths. But this only adds to the beauty of this shelter, allowing it to be the perfect retreat.

The Till house Deck

The Till house back view

The atmosphere inside is tranquil and relaxing. Full height glass walls envelop the interior spaces, exposing them to the views. The rear of the house is sheltered by the cliff and the forest while the front cantilevers above the steep hill on which it stands. The project was developed by WMR Arquitectos.

The Hillside House by Shands Studio

Hillside House from Shands Studio

This is a residence located in San Anselmo, California. It was completed in 2013 by Shands Studio and has a design which focuses mostly on establishing a close relationship with the landscape. The oak trees present on the site at the time of the construction were preserved and integrated into the project. Similarly, the 100 year old stone walls were preserved as a way of keeping the history of the site and the original summer guest house that occupied it alive.

Hillside House from Shands Studio View

Hillside House from Shands Studio Living View

The interior living spaces offer direct access to the outdoors in a smooth and seamless transition. The house is composed of two large volumes that form an L shape built around the trees and stone walls. The overall design is sustainable, the upper level utilizing passive heating and cooling strategies.

The Golden View Residence by Workshop AD

House On A Hillside Among The Trees

Situated in Anchorage, Alaska, the Golden View Residence is a modern structure surrounded by a conifer forest. The project developed by Workshop AD included redesigning and completing a partially constructed house. The residence is perched above the landscape and built on a platform that stretches across the hillside in a way similar to traditional tree houses.

House On A Hillside Among The Trees View

House On A Hillside Among The Trees Other view

Materials such as walnut panels, natural stone and concrete were used for both the interior and the exterior spaces. They allow the house to feel closer to its surroundings and to naturally integrate into the Alaskan landscape.

Casa 115 by Miquel Angel Lacomba

Mallorca House on Hillside

Casa 115 is a contemporary residence that overlooks the a gorgeous valley framing the Saint Vicenc bay. It was designed and built by architect Miquel Angel Lacomba and is located in Mallorca, Spain. Being surrounded by a rocky landscape and lush greenery, the house offers spectacular views.

Mallorca House on Hillside View

Mallorca House on Hillside Pool

The most amazing views can be enjoyed from the bedrooms which are situated on the first floor. They feature full height windows and connect to the social areas on the lower level in a flexible and natural way. The seamless transition between the indoor living spaces and the open terraces was an important element in the project.

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Villa Escarpa by Mario Martins

Minimalist Villa Escarpa by Mario Martins

When designing this amazing contemporary residence, architect Mario Martins had to face a series of difficulties challenges. The house is situated on a very steep site in Luz, Portugal. One of the conditions imposed by the local authorities was for the house to be built on a space occupied by an existing building.

Minimalist Villa Escarpa by Mario Martins Angle View

Minimalist Villa Escarpa by Mario Martins By Night

This led the clients and the architect on top of a very steep slope exposed to winds but with breathtaking views. The house features a transparent horizontal volume placed on top of a concrete support structure. This creates the impression of a house floating above the landscape.

House Dornbirn by k_m architektur

Single family home with clear view

The site on which this house is located may not be as steep as others but this doesn’t minimize in any way the beauty of the views it offers. House Dornbirn is located in Austria and was designed by k_m architektur.

Single family home with clear view on side

Single family home with clear view Porch

It’s a single family home with gorgeous views of lake Constance, the Rhinevalley and the Vorarlberg mountains. It’s surrounded by a green meadow and was built using natural materials such as copper, glass, wood and concrete. The entrance is on the upper volume which also contains the bedrooms and a studio. The top floor features an overhang that shelters a balcony, the perfect place from enjoying the views.

The Embedded House by Holodeck architects

Embedded House with a beautiful Landscape

The design of this house was greatly influenced by the surrounding area and the structures present there. The topography and the views also played an important role in determining the overall structure of the house.


Embedded House with a beautiful Landscape Porch

The building was constructed by Holodeck architects along a slope and establishes a close dialogue with the landscape. The house was partially embedded into the slope and this allowed the architects to include terraces on each level. Each room of the house offers magnificent views of the valley and the nearby mountains.

The Car Park House by Anonymous Architects

Concrete Car Park House

This is a residence situated in Los Angeles, California which was completed in 2013 by Anonymous Architects. The project started with a vacant lot on a very steep slope situated close to the street. To make the most of the site, the team decided to place carport on the roof of the house.

Concrete Car Park House Angle

Concrete Car Park House Bridge

The entrance is also placed on the roof and the interior spaces are below this level. The roof doubles as a spacious desk and from up here the views are amazing. The steep site presented a series of challenges for the team but, at the same time, reduced the amount of foundation required for the project.

The Mill Valley Hillside residence by McGlashan Architecture

Mill Valley Hillside House

This huge structure is a residence designed for three generations. The project was developed by McGlashan Architecture and divides the living spaces into two main volumes that share the same roof. Children, parents and grandparents can also live together peacefully here, being close to each other and enjoying the beautiful landscape together.

Mill Valley Hillside House Back

Mill Valley Hillside House Street

The building restrictions required the second unit to the smaller than the first one and to share space with it. The architects’ response was to build a three-level extension that stays connected to the other volume without obstructing the views or limiting the usable outdoor space.

The Corallo House by PAZ Arquitectura

Dense hillside forest house

PAZ Arquitectura completed this residence in 2011. It can be found in Santa Rosalia, Guatemala on a site surrounded by a dense forest. The project started with a desire to preserve the existing trees from the site and to have them interact with the living spaces.

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Dense hillside forest house Large glass wall

Dense hillside forest house interior

The house sits on a hillside and has an open floor plan free of columns and featuring a diversity of floor levels which follow the topography of the site. Both facades are made of glass and this establishes a strong connection between the interior and exterior spaces. Concrete is the main material used for the structure. It’s combined with wood for a rustic and organic look.

The Flotanta House by Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture

Flotanta House Around Lush Forest

This is a small house compared to others we’ve seen so far. It covers an area of 300 square meters and is located in Costa Rica. It was completed in 2013 by Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture. The clients wanted a holiday home on the Pacific Coast and the site they found was on a very steep slope which only allowed to have views of the ocean from the upper-mid portion.

Flotanta House Around Lush Forest Design

Flotanta House Around Lush Forest Interior View

So when the architects were presented with this project they immediately decided to take advantage of all these elements. Their original idea was to carve out the slope in order to fit the house there but ended up doing the exact opposite. The final design allows the landscape to stay beneath the house while this one floats above the landscape.

The Hillside House by GASS Architecture Studios

Hillside house on Stellenbosch

The Hillside House is situated on the slopes of Helderberg Mountains in South Africa and is framed by vineyards and panoramic views. In a lot of way, this is a modern interpretation of a traditional farmhouse. Only two of the three levels are visible from the front yard and the house expands as you advance.

Hillside house on Stellenbosch Porch Pool

Hillside house on Stellenbosch Deck View

The granite stone walls were built using resources found on site. One of them incorporates the front door, offering to clue as to what lies behind it. After entering the house a huge picture window showcases the inner courtyard and the amazing views of the surrounding landscape. This was a project by Gass Architecture Studios.

The Forest House by Espacio EMA

Forest House in Mexic

Located in the Mazamitla mountains in Mexico, the Forest House is a dreamy retreat perched on a steep slope surrounded by a pine forest. The architects and designers of Espacio EMA wanted the house to look as if it were a part of the landscape and used the stones on the site in their favor.

Forest House in Mexic View

Forest House in Mexic Deck View

The house is divided into two main volumes. A double height space offers access to all the other areas. The ground level contains three bedrooms while the other two are placed on the upper level. The living spaces are placed inside a wooden box perched above the landscape and featuring design elements similar to those characteristic of tree houses.

The Kentfield Hillside Residence by Turnbull Griffin Haelsloop Architects

House with spectacular views of San Francisco Bay

One of the main goals when designing the Kentfield Hillside residence was to allow it to engage with the undulating hillside and to capture the views of the nearby mountains and the San Francisco Bay. The residence is located in Kentfield, California and was designed by Turnbull Griffin Haelsloop Architects.

House with spectacular Roof

House with spectacular views Angle

They designed a curved wall that follows the contours of the hillside and anchors the house to the steep site. The green roof allows the building to blend in and to better communicate with the landscape. The project was completed in 2010 and was designed with sustainable and eco-friendly features such as the green roof, solar panels, passive heating and cooling systems and other such features designed to emphasize the house’s close relationship with the beautiful land surrounding it.



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