15 Black House Facades – Mysterious & Dark But Also Attractive

The façade of a house is mainly for everyone else and not for the inhabitants. The house needs to look pretty for those walking by it and for the guests. So people usually choose to make their houses look bright and to paint it in cheerful colors. But, when you think about it, all colors are beautiful and they all have a lovely side, even black.

A Victorian house painted black, with a bold and edgy look

Although black is the darkest color you can find, it doesn’t always signify bad things. A black house façade will look mysterious and imposing. After all, the design is important as well. Your house doesn’t necessarily have to look creepy just because it’s painted black.

The shape of the house already makes it stand out and the color only emphasizes the linesIn this particular case, the black façade makes the house better integrate into the surroundingsThe contemporary architecture of this house welcomes black as a perfect color for it

It is a nice idea for Halloween but it’s also an elegant color for the rest of the year. The surroundings are also important. A black house situated in the middle of nowhere is bound to look less inviting than one with a white exterior.

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The black exterior makes the house look minimalist and cleanHere we have a combination of colors, black being the main one
When a house is an open to the exterior as this one, the color becomes less strikingThis is a grey house with black trim and it looks inviting and simpleThe bold architecture of this house and the color allow it to blend it yet to stand outStrong contrasts occur here between the black exterior of the house and the bright surroundingsNotice how the shade of the exterior is very similar to the color of the treesThe colors used on this house give it a rustic appearance and the fall colors complement itThis shade of grey of minimalist and very chic, suitable for a modern houseOf course, we can’t forget about the timeless black and white combinationThere’s something very mysterious yet familiar about this house and its dark exterior

However, if the house is a highly populated area, black will only make it stand out from the rest of the buildings. In fact, certain architectural styles are more friendly with this particular color. Modern and contemporary houses look chic with black facades and this is mainly because they have huge windows. A traditional exterior that’s painted black gains a mysterious and gothic allure.

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