15 Amazing Treehouse Rentals Take You Off The Grid In Style

Inspired by childhood treehouses and their fun and mysterious nature, these amazing rentals take that concept to a whole new level, offering you the opportunity to retreat in the middle of nature and to recharge your batteries in beautiful, remote locations. Their charm comes from the fact that they’re built on or around trees and that alone is enough to make each of these treehouse rentals unique and extraordinary. Perhaps you’d like to spend your next vacation in one of these places. Check out the details in the description to find out more about them.

Located near Glacier Park in Montana, this quaint and tranquil piece of land is the perfect getaway retreat for couples or for anyone seeking inspiration, peace and relaxation. Here you can find a treehouse built around two large Douglas fir trees. It offers 500 square feet (46 sqm) of living space, featuring a living room, a full kitchen, a sleeping area, a full bathroom and two outdoor decks. You enter by climbing a spiral staircase. You can rent this place with Airbnb.

Those seeking to spend a few days completely off the grid can rent the Whispering Wind Treehouse which is located in Argyle, New York. Out here there’s no electricity, no wi-fi and also no traffic noise. It’s just you and this charming little treehouse which was built with reclaimed materials. You’re surrounded by nature and the large windows and glass doors let you admire all that beauty from inside the cabin.

If you’re ever in Atlanta, Georgia you should definitely check out this secluded intown treehouse retreat which is actually a set of three cabins built around large trees, connected to each other with rope bridges. One of the treehouses is a cozy sitting room with antique furnishings and decorated with framed butterflies. Another is a sleeping area for two and the third is a hammock deck which lets you relax and enjoy the view and the tranquility.

This glamorous treehouse is located in Florence, Tuscany. It’s a rustic retreat infused with modern features and it appears to float among the trees. It has an open patio with a tree running straight through. The full-height windows welcome the outdoors in, connecting the interior to the splendid views. The location is not as secluded or as off-the-grid as others on this list which makes it a bit more user-friendly. Check out more details on Airbnb.

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Nature lovers can also rent the Pleasant Bay Lookout located in Bellingham, Washington. It’s a stylish little treehouse-style retreat built on a sloping forest plot with a view of the Salish Sea. To maximize the views and the connection between the building and it’s lush and beautiful surroundings a lot of the walls are made of glass. The architecture and interior design are modern and even though this unconventional treehouse is small in size, it has a lot of character.

Nestled on a lovely little site in Nojals-et-Clotte, a region of Aquitaine, in France, the Hautefort is more than just a treehouse. This is, by all means, a tree castle. Its architecture are name are reminiscent of the castle of Dordogne and the interior design is infused with rustic and traditional details and a beautiful palette of finishes and materials including aged wood, ironwork and stone. This charming castle in the trees can accommodate 6 people.

Because this is such an amazing little retreat, getting a booking for this unusual treehouse in Tiller, Oregon. can be quite the challenge. This is actually a tower more than an actual treehouse since it’s built on 40 ft tall platform. This unusual design is meant to maximize the views, turning the house into a sort of viewing platform or a lookout tower. Inside you can find a full kitchen with running water, a stove and a fridge, a cozy sleeping area and a lounge space. there’s also an outdoor shower and an open deck. Check out Airbnb for booking tips.

The Adirondack Tree House can be found in Middle Grove, New York and can accommodate up to 3 people at a time. It’s small and charming and it’s built up in the trees, featuring a spiral staircase that winds around a tree trunk, offering access inside. Guests can enjoy a cozy even though tiny space with wooden walls and skylights. There’s also a covered porch and an outdoor kitchen and dining area with a charcoal grill and a fire pit.

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Another beautiful treehouse gem is hidden in Schaumburg, Illinois. This lovely cedar cabin is built around an old tree which runs right through its deck. It has a lot of features an outdoor shower, a fireplace, A/C, a comfortable sleeping loft, a kitchenette, wi-fi, and cable TV, not to mention the gorgeous view of the nearby waterfall. The retreat is framed by a beautiful, lush garden with a koi pond. You can rent it via Airbnb.

Those seeking adventure as well as the opportunity to spend some time in a rather unconventional treehouse can rent the Punta Jaguar, a house built among trees and framed by the lush jungle canopy in Matapalo, in the Puntarenas region of Costa Rica. It offers views of the ocean and the jungle and it’s infused with local craftsmanship and gorgeous handcrafted features. Find out more on Airbnb.

The Suite Blue is a cabin perches son one of the lower branches of a majestic and amazing-looking tree in Arlena di Castro, in the Italian countryside. It’s part of La Plantata Hotel and it’s one of the most beautiful and luxurious treehouses you can rent anywhere in the world. To access the cabin you have to climb a staircase that spirals along the trunk. The house sits on a platform made of tree trunks and its entire shell is made of wood which gives it a cozy and modest appearance.

Welcome to the Treehotel, an amazing retreat which lets you spend the night in one of seven cool and extraordinary treehouses, each featuring a different theme and a one-of-a-kind design. The Bird’s Nest will make you feel like a little bird hiding among the branches of a big tree, the UFO gives you an amazing experience that’s out of this world and the Mirrorcube lets you hide in plain sight. From here you can watch the Northern Lights and fun activities and adventures are just a stone’s throw away.



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