12 Fantastic Concept Designs That Take Architecture To New Heights

Everyone’s dream home is different and often the includes some pretty crazy features or has a design that’s fantastic in a fictional sense. Such concepts are almost never translated into the real world and those that are impress on levels we couldn’t even imagine before. We got curious so we did some research and, as it turns out, there are some fantastic house concepts waiting to be built right now and even some that are already real.

Imagine a tall and steep cliff and the vast ocean unveiled in front of it. As you climb all the way to the top all you want is to stay there and to admire the breathtaking views forever. That wish took the first step towards becoming reality for a couple that chose to have their holiday home hanging off a cliff above the ocean in Victoria, Australia. It’s a challenging project planned by modscape. The base idea was to treat the house as a natural extension of the landscape.

Casa Brutale is an extraordinary concept. Unlike the structures that are hanging from the side of cliffs, this one is actually embedded into the rock itself, fitting in perfectly as if it was poured in from the beginning of time…or at least that’s the desired impression. The concept is created by OPA and the design depicts a contemporary and minimalist house situated above the Aegean Sea. The plan is to build the house using simple materials such as wood, glass and raw concrete.

The ancient pyramids are a source of great controversy and a never-ending source of inspiration. This is one of the latest projects visibly influenced by this idea: a house concept created by TNA which depicts a structure that looks like an inverted pyramid made of concrete. The upside-down block will hopefully be built in Matarraña, a region of Spain the plan is to have it partially buried into the ground.

Everyone knows about tree-houses…they’re fun but and there are some very interesting design adaptations out there but the concept hasn’t really been revolutionized in a long time. A new idea inspired the world when trees started being integrated inside newly-built houses. One design stands out from all the others. It’s a concept planned by architect Aibek Almassov. The design shows a giant glass cylinder with a big tree at its center and with terraced spaces encircling it without actually touching it at any point.

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We’ve reached a point where we’ve become aware of how disconnected we are from nature and we’re taking measures to change that. Projects such as the one by Konrad Wjcik inspire us to find new ways of living in harmony with nature. This is a concept design which aims at integrating living spaces in forests without disrupting the natural environment in any way. The final goal is to establish a community with a carbon footprint as close to zero as possible.

The best views can often be admired from up on the roof of a house and it’s a real shame that we’re not taking better advantage of them most of the time. The concept house designed by Kois Associated Architects attempts to change that in a big way. The studio came up with the idea of a house that has an infinity pool on its roof. The renderings show the house on the Tinos island in Greece, on a rocky terrain along the S-W coastline. They called it the Mirage house and they partially buried it into the landscape in an attempt to make it blend in with its surroundings.

To understand why this project is called House of Seven Gardens you need to see it. Just to be clear, it’s a concept idea and the house doesn’t exist…yet. The design was done by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos to be built somewhere in Andalusia, Spain. The structure looks nothing like a house as we know it. It’s not a single compact structure but a series of long and sinuous blocks that frame a series of seven tiered gardens. It consists of several curving segments set into the sloping terrain and intermixed with lawns and gardens.

The images created by designer Alex Hogrefe look so real due to all the attention to detail and yet the ones that shows the structure from a distance look too fantastic to seem true. This is a concept design for a retreat carved deep into a cliff in Iceland. The designer even went as far as to show as accurately as possible the sweeping views that the retreat would offer if ever built there.

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The Chair House concept is the work of architect Igor Sirotov. You may not be able from the images showing the interior design of the structure, but this is a pretty unusual house. It’s meant to fit well in rugged environments and its strategy is to look harsh but to be warm and cozy inside. It’s this contrast between the interior spaces and the exterior shell as well as the surrounding landscape that makes the house impressive, interesting and inspiring. Of course, there’s more to the concept than that. The living room can be accessed via an exterior staircase and has a large window that brings the outdoors in.

This is Nest, a concept for a ski resort in Utah, US. It was developed by bicuadro architecture associates and the conceptual plan includes a series of matching structures designed to serve as individual units. They’re grouped in clusters along the slopes and the design features a curved back that splits into two cantilevering sections at the front, each framing the panoramic view.They end in open balconies and have full-height windows.

Some dream of being able to live completely off grid, in a house that’s self-sufficient and placed in the middle of nature, surrounded only by trees, vegetation and bodies of water. Something tells me that they’d fall in love with the concept house designed by Charles Wright Architects. The structure is designed to withstand the most powerful cyclones in Queensland, Australia, is organized on two floors and hangs over the edge of a lake. Not only that but the house is meant to be entirely self-sufficient, using solar panels and a rainwater harvesting system.

The last concept that we want to show you today is for a restaurant/ bar and was designed by Tall Arquitectos. It’s called Copper Canyon Cocktail Bar and it’s a two-level structure to be built in Mexico, cantilevered over the edge of a steel cliff. Naturally, the views are incredible. The design places the tables along the walls so guests can admire the views while dining and features a glass floor section at the center. There’s an observation deck which can be accessed via a staircase.



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