100-Year Old Gas Station Converted Into A Modern Home In New Orleans

This building is located in the Bayou neighborhood of New Orleans and it was originally a gas station. It was built in 1918 and then it was preserved as a furniture-building shop and jewelry-making studio for a period. In 2003 it was put on the market and an artist names Robert Guthrie decided to buy and to turn it into his new project.

The artist is now the owner of the old gas station and he managed to convert it into a modern home. The 2,000 square foot residence is original and has many great features.

It’s currently available for rent. Among the unique elements that were incorporated into the new design of the space it’s easy to notice things like sconces that were made from old car headlights or the staircase landing made from an original hydraulic lift. Some of the original elements have preserved as a testimony of the building’s past and history.

The artist creatively used items such as car emblems to make handles for cabinets and drawers and an oil can holder as a toilet paper holder. The uniqueness of this house can be seen in numerous little details but also in its history as a building that went through major changes over the years. Now it’s a modern home with a modern kitchen, a rooftop desk and a chic interior design that’s a mix between industrial and modern.{found on airbnb}.

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