10 Stylish Interpretations of the Charming Scandinavian House Design

The beauty of Scandinavian houses is in the simplicity of their designs. The simplicity, of course, can take an unlimited number of forms so today we’re checking out a few cool structures that do this style proud. Each is different and beautiful in its own unique way. Let’s have a look.

Gambrel roof

This lovely Scandinavian house has a gambrel roof which makes it look extra welcoming and cozy. Its exterior walls are also decorated with stone and vegetation and that’s a really cool way of adding texture to a design and making it look more organic and natural.{found on kaskab}.

Small cottage

This house has a green exterior which is also a nice way to make it blend in and give it a more organic look. The 34 square meter structure you see here serves as a holiday home and a weekend retreat. The interior is bright and open as is the case with most Nordic homes.

Deck house

The interior of this Scandinavian home is just as lovely as the exterior. This is a simple but also very welcome place, with crisp white walls, warm wooden floors and big windows that let in lots of sunlight. Outside there’s a big wooden deck that gently curves and frames the manicured lawn.

Reclaimed wood exterior

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Not all Scandinavian houses have a white or light-colored exterior. This beautiful retreat, for example, has a wooden exterior and a black gable roof which frames it and adds a retro twist to its simple design. The house also has an L-shaped floor plan which forms a nice little outdoor area sheltered between these volumes.

Small shed-like house

Isn’t this Scandinavian cottage absolutely charming? It’s a very small building with a floor plan of only 25 square meters. However, it doesn’t look that tiny inside. It’s nice and bright and airy thanks to the white walls and all the other light and neutral accents. There’s also a cozy attic space underneath the gable roof. Outside, a wooden deck stretches around the house, extending the living area outdoors.

Small two-storey

A lot of Scandinavian houses are super simple and have a neutral color palette based mostly on whites and neutral wood accents. That, of course, is not always the case. This, for instance, is a pretty colorful home. It’s a small place and a very charming one as well, with a cozy courtyard and a welcoming two-story interior. The brick wall in the living room is a gorgeous focal point.

Whitewashed interior

This lovely house has a retro vibe that suits it beautifully. It’s not a big house but the light color scheme does help to make it appear airy and spacious. There’s 73 square meters of cozy living space in total plus a big wooden deck outside. The antique furniture adds tons of character to each and every room.

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Turquoise house

This time we’re looking at a Scandinavian house with a rather interesting color palette. It has a white and blue exterior and the interior is unexpectedly dark, featuring different shades of gray and dark gray, burgundy and green and brown accents here and there. That creates a cozy and comfortable ambiance and adds character to each of the rooms.

Charming decor

Our favorite part of this charming Scandinavian house is the courtyard. It’s such a beautiful, refreshing and inviting space and it’s decorated with lots of greenery. The vibrant colors of the plants and flowers contrast with the gray on the floor and the white of the house’s exterior walls and the result is such a beautifully-balanced decor.

Typical roof

Now we’re going back to the more typical Scandinavian house design. It has light wooden flooring, white walls, a fireplace in the living room and really stylish interior design which relies on soft and light accent colors. They add charm and style to the rooms without adding too much contrast.



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